do you know the chicago cubs?

there are many cubs fans but few fanatics. what is a fanatic. a true die hard cubs fan.a bleacher bum. a season ticket holder. someone who wont miss a game for anything.a person who really loves and knows thier one and only chicago cubs.

so do you know and love the cubs like a true cubs fanatic?after you take this quiz you will find out if you are really a true chicago cubs fanatic.are you willing to find out your cubs knowledge.

Created by: dylan
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1. what is the name of the cubs stadium?
busch stadium
wrigley field
fenway park
yanke stadium
2. who wears #12 for the cubs this year?
derrek lee
aramis ramirez
matt murton
alfonso soriano
3. if you were a cubs player playing at home and hit a home run to right field what street would it land in?
waveland ave.
shefield ave.
cubs st.
chicago ave.
4. who out of these 4 have played for the cubs?
larry walker
babe ruth
ryan sandberg
nolan ryan
5. wich of these have played 3rd base for the cubs?
brooks robinson
ron santo
sammy sosa
melvin mora
6. when did the cubs last win a world series?
7. wich of these former cubs is a hallof famer?
moises alou
corey patterson
ernie banks
nomar garciaparra
8. out of these pitchers who does not play for the cubs?
rich hill
carlos zambrano
roberto novoa
none of the above
9. out of these pitchers that have played for cubs who has won 300 games?
kerry wood
greg maddox
kyle farnsworth
mark prior
10. how many years has it been since the cubs have won the world series?
0 years
2 weeks
11. who beet the cubs in the 2003 NlCS?
12. wich of these 500 home run hitters played for the cubs?
ken griffey jr.-mark mcguire
babe ruth-barry bonds
ernie banks-sammy sosa
hank arron-frank robinson

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