Do You Know Horrid Henry?

This quiz is dedicated to all Horrid Henry fans. But the real question is: Are You A Genius? Well why don't you find out by taking this moderate quis. If you do not know much about Horrid Henry then there is not much point of doing this quiz.

If you would like to take this quiz then be my guest! I hope you enjoy it, but don't get upset if you don't win first time, just try again until you do!

Created by: Paul
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1. What is Horrid Henry's brother called?
Rude Ralph
Brainy Brian
Anxious Andrew
Perfect Peter
Stuck Up Steve
Beefy Bert
2. What is the second book in the Horrid Henry book series?
...The Secret Club
...The Mummy's Curse
...Robs The Bank
...The Abominable Snowman
...Mega Mean Time Machine
...The Haunted House
3. Horrid Henry does Dance with Miss Tutu but what does Henry want to do instead?
Base Jumping
4. At the end of each Horrid Henry TV episode, he shouts 'NOOOOO!' or what else?
I Hate You!
You're Horrible!
It's Not Fair!
I Win!
5. What is the them tune to the TV Series of Horrid Henry called?
I'm Horrid Henry
It's Not Easy Being Me
Na Na Na Na Na!
It's Not Fair
Horrid Henry
Meet Me
6. Who does Henry live next to?
Sour Susan
Moody Margaret
Delightful Dave
Aerobic Al
Beefy Bert
Rude Ralph
7. What is Henry's teahcer called?
Miss Oddbod
Miss Smith
Mr White
Mr Axe
Miss Battle-axe
Mrs Vertin
8. How does Henry get rid of everyone's swimming costumes?
He puts them in the bin.
He cuts them up with scissors
He gives the to his hamster to eat
He hides them in a locker
He leaves them on the bus
He throws them out of the bus window
9. In 'Horrid Henry Tricks & Treats' who is the last victim when Henry takes people's treats?
Moody Margaret
Perfect Peter
Miss Battle-axe
Stuck Up Steve
Singing Soraya
Beefy Bert
10. How many books in the series have there been of Horrid Henry?

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