do you know hilary duff?

You think you know Hilary Duff? try this quiz and we will see! it's fast, easy and fun! you can do it! if you do it well you could do mutch better! im sure! dont be sad! if you dont whant it's gona be ok!

Hilary Duff are suporting you for this quiz! try to think about her when you do it and you will do it so good im sure! if it doesn't work im not sure your a fan! JOKE! you can do it!

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1. what is the new movie of hilary duff?
Lizzie Mcguire
Raise your voice
Casper meets Wandy
Material Girls
Cheaper by the Dozen 2
The Perfect Man
2. Witch song is on her new album? (Dignity)
So Yesterday
Beat of My Heart
Wake Up
Sweet Sixteen
3. When hilary was born?
The September 28, 1987
The September 5, 1985
The February 7, 1986
4. Hilary duff is an:
American actress
Pop singer
Fashion designer
all of these
5. What is the name of her sister?
6. Duff launched a clothing line (stuff in march 2004)but were?
Target in the United States
Kmart in Australia
Zellers in Canada
Edgars in South Africa
All of these
7. What is the name of her dogs?
8. Were hilary was born?
In Houston, Texas
In canada
In California
9. Did hilary have a television show named Lizzie McGuire?
10. Do you think hilary had a boyfriend?

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