Do YOU know Chris Brown?

DO you KNOW CHRiS BROWN?! I created this quiz to weed out Chris` real fans from the pretenders. Are YOU a pretender? Take this quiz and find out!Are you a Chris Brown fan or someone who should be banned?! Chris Brown would want you to get an A! So, come on!

There are millions of Chris Brown fans- but are YOU worthy enough to call yourself one? Or are you a pretender? Chris Brown would appreciate it if you got an A! So take this test and study it like your life depends on it! Find out here! Are you a Chris Brown fan or someone who should be banned?!

Created by: Jasmine of Fresh azB5iz
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1. When Was Chris Brown born?
May 5th, 1989
October 16th, 1984
2. What state was he born and raised in?
3. What was his debut single?
Run It!
Yo (excuse me miss)
4. What`s his first cd called?
Chris Brown
Yo (excuse me miss)
5. What company is Chris signed to?
6. What`s his fave video game?
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
7. Does he have a sis or a bro?
8. What`s his fave food?
Strawberry Shortcake
9. Who`s his fave basketball team?
Miami Heat
L.A. Lakers
10. Now last but DEFiNATELY not least, Was CHRiS BROWN, THEE CHRiS BREEZY, a boy scout?!
yeah! duh!
hecky naw!

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