Do you know all about the Little Mermaid movies?

All of us saw the Little Mermaid as a kid. Heck, we saw all of the Disney movies as kids! But how much do you know about the Little Mermaid, The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea, and The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's beginning?

In this quiz, you will have to dig back in your memory to pull out the answers. We all know the basics, but this quiz will separate the people who know the basics, from the people who know every detail of every single movie. Good Luck!

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1. How do you remove the Trident from its holding place next to King Triton's throne?
You pull really hard
You say the magic words
You have to be a descendant and/or relative of King Triton
You have to be a mermaid or merman
What do you mean? Anyone can do it.
Only King Triton can do it.
2. Is flounder a fish with yellow stripes and a blue body? Or a yellow fish with blue stripes?
Yellow body and blue stripes.
Blue body and yellow stripes.
He doesn't have stripes.
3. From which relative does Ariel get her green tail?
Her mother.
Her father.
It's a mix of both.
4. What two animals does Ariel's daughter, Melody, befriend?
A fish and a crab.
A dolphin and a sea turtle
A walrus and a penguin
A walrus and a seagull
A penguin and a seagull
None of the above.
5. Which two Little Mermaid villains are sisters?
King Triton and Ursula.
Morgana and Ursula.
Marina Del Ray and Ursula.
Marina Del Ray and Morgana.
None of them have any siblings.
6. How does Melody turn into a mermaid?
She goes to Ursula like her mother.
She wishes really hard.
She goes to her grandfather King Triton.
A potion is used on her.
None of the above.
7. What does Melody's locket look like?
It is a golden shell.
It is a golden shell that plays music.
It is a golden shell with her name on it.
It is a golden shell that has an image of Atlantica, plays music, and has her name on it.
It is none of these things.
She has no locket.
8. Sebastian's real job is...
The royal court composer.
Ariel's babysitter and then Melody's.
King Triton's assistant.
He reports to king Triton on what is happening in Atlantica.
9. When does Prince Eric first see Ariel as a mermaid?
He sees her in the water while having a party on his boat.
While attacking Ursula.
When Ariel and Eric are about to kiss once she gets her voice back after the shell Vanessa was wearing breaks.
When Ariel is singing to him after saving him.
10. What evil pet(s) does Morgana have?
Two eels.
A normal sized shark.
Three eels.
Two stingrays.
None of the above.
All of the above.
11. How many sisters does Ariel have?
12. Who plays the piano at Sebastian's secret music club?
A dolphin.
Sebastian himself.
An octopus.
A blowfish.
A sea turtle.
13. What does Scuttle think a pipe is called?
A thingamabob.
A watchamagig.
A snarfblat.
A dinglehopper.
A dingleblat.
None of the above.
14. When was The Little Mermaid first released?
15. BONUS QUESTION: Who was the composer for the first and second movies?
Howard Ashman.
Phil Collins.
Alan Menken.
Will Ryan
Don Grady.
None of the above.
16. BONUS QUESTION #2: What celebrity was Ariel modled after?
Courtney Love.
Christie Brinkley.
Alyssa Milano.
Brooke Shields.
Courtney Cox.

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