Do you have a good social life?

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ultrajk said:
Nov 6 '14, 4:43PM

i thought my sister was anti-social
when she took the quiz she was
described as living under a rock
LOL i knew it

GuyUnderARock said:
Sep 13 '14, 8:27AM


melani said:
Jan 1 '14, 1:18AM

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josediaz213 said:
Jan 31 '13, 12:56AM

Dis tests roks so much its mah frst test i wuz really cooh with da results

Haleigh4Nick said:
Feb 8 '09, 11:24AM

Semi- Social You get out a lil. But you would rather stay at home and watch t.v or play video games. You've got friends. But you can count them on your hand. Get out more! Don't be afraid to have fun! Good quiz. But not gunna happen. I have a huge akward shy problem.

twilight101 said:
Feb 8 '09, 9:11AM

im social!:> luv this!:]

Marmoura said:
Feb 3 '09, 7:59PM

great quiz ! i'm social!!

hey for ur first quiz, this is awesome.. keep it up !

RockerLover said:
Feb 2 '09, 4:06PM

Your Result: Extremely Social!

You hate being home with nothing to do. You have a ton of friends. Your list goes on and on. You love going out and having fun. Life is so much better this way. You'd rather be with friends than sitting at home playing video games.

Semi - Social
You live under a rock

Great quiz. Really good, my first quiz turned out to be a flop but your really good lol.

Too me said:
Feb 1 '09, 8:52PM

i live under a rock!!! thats soo true, nice quiz!!! 10 stars!!

qwertyuioppoi said:
Jan 20 '09, 9:11PM

i live under a rock - so true but in my deffense i hate all the girls in my school and the guys can't have a goof friends who's a girl so i dont have a good social life xD

Kuggle said:
Jan 7 '09, 11:14AM

Semi-Social Dear God Im Fricken anti-social!!!

xxdarkxx said:
Jan 4 '09, 6:24PM

I liked it. :) I'm semi-social. Ahahaha...that's pretty true. Nice quiz.

ltlbabeangel said:
Jan 4 '09, 5:19PM

I live under a rock ^_^

misskiss said:
Jan 4 '09, 3:08PM

I live under a rock. so true. good quiz.

caketoys said:
Jan 4 '09, 12:42PM

=D I always knew I lived under a rock :P

babiigirl28 said:
Jan 4 '09, 12:19PM

Sorry (: it was just one question and i think 2 answers. I couldn't think of anything else. And it was my last question! Love ya hun. Byee

bballxloverxo said:
Jan 3 '09, 11:08PM

heyy its me! good quiz but u took some of my questions and possible answers >:[ lol

babiigirl28 said:
Jan 3 '09, 11:06PM

Hey Guys (: I just made this quiz. Its my first quiz. So yeah. Its not great but tell me what you think!

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