Do You Conform?

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Awake_To_Long said:
May 29 '15, 10:59PM

I say that society to day is stupid. they are distracted by the media from what really is happening.

Total Ponage said:
Dec 8 '12, 8:28PM

Whoever made this quiz sucks. You are a Christian so that makes you a pushover. Yeah, right. Person who made this quiz just insulted all Christians. The person who made this quiz has serious problems. MAKE SURE THIS QUIZ GETS BAD RATINGS!!!

AnarchyChick said:
Apr 5 '10, 11:07PM

Yeah 71% b----!

E Lunatic said:
Jun 26 '09, 10:53PM

Ohevy: If you listen to god, you should have picked "the voices".

MagnanimousNinjaHYAAH said:
Dec 12 '08, 6:29PM

Take it easy, fellas--I do believe this quiz was intended to be comical. Did you even bother to read the introduction?

Bu t seriously, I'd like to state that in order to survive in our sick world we ALL must be some sort of conformist...that is why humans disgust me :D.

ohevyisrael said:
Nov 17 '08, 11:32PM

so basically you think I do what I do because I'm conforming, rather than I actually believe in what I'm doing! If I went against what I believed and reeked havoc, then I'd be conforming to you and your beliefs, so whos to say I did badly on this quiz? Besides your questions weren't set up right for me to give an answer I even agreed to a few times! Like question5- I'm said in question 4 I was a christian, but in question 5 christian music wasn't an option! I don't like country, but I picked it because I didn't know which one to pick. And I listen to GOD, but I put no one cause HE wasn't even a choice! Ok I do conform! To GOD!

MissHistory said:
Aug 16 '08, 10:00PM

God forbid I like being normal.

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