do u know Three Days Grace?

there are not many people who know three days grace. take this quiz to learn more about a great band that deserves ALOT more appreciation. people should stop saying they suck and negative things about Three Days Grace. SHOW SOME RESPECT!!

are you a true Three Days Grace fan? find out here with my quiz. this quiz is all about Three Days Grace! check out their site at check out their songs on i gurantee you'll luv them!!

Created by: sandi
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1. wut is the name of Three Days Grace's website?
2. wut is one of three days grace's songs?
my time of dying
gone forever
get out alive
all of the above
3. wut is the name of their first album?
three days grace
three days grace (dual disc)
three days grace (bonus cd)
4. wut are 5 of the songs that are on their 1st album?
burn, just like you, i h8 everything about you, home, and scared
pain, riot, gone forever, now or never, born like this,
its all over, pain. animal i have become, never too late, and on my own
5. wut are the names of ALL their albums?
one-x, three days grace, just like you, i hate everything about you
one-x, pain, riot, not over, gone forever,
just like you, riot, gone forever, no one
6. how many songs do three days grace have?
7. how many albums do they have?
8. of these moveis which one is the song Are you ready (by three days grace) performed in?
Raise Your Voice
finding nemo
house of wax
the hills have eyes 2
the hills have eyes
9. how many band members are in three days grace?
10. who is three days grace's frontman?
adam gontier
pete wentz
zac efron
11. who plays drums in three days grace?
adam gontier
neil sanderson
brad walst
barry stock
12. who's the lead singer and one of the guitarists?
adam gontier
neil sanderson
brad walst
barry stock
13. who's the bass player and one of the vocalists?
adam gontier
neil sanderson
brad walst
barry stock
14. who's the lead guitarist?
adam gontier
neil sanderson
brad walst
barry stock

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