Dennis Prager's Are You a Liberal?

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Jerrytheman9 said:
May 23 '16, 10:58PM

God Damn, Prager is an idiot. Can't believe I used to drink his Kool-Aide on YouTube.

Xenon58 said:
Dec 30 '15, 12:33PM

I scored 54% but probably because some of the questions were so poorly written I couldn't honestly answer them.

Uffjjsgjitdh said:
Nov 4 '15, 12:28PM

This is an extremely biased quiz. It offers a specific senario and applies that to every single situation. This quiz was created with the intent to degrade liberalism and promote conservative ideals by showing how they can be effective in certain circumstances not as a whole. Please do not consider this quiz anything except what it is: an attempt to make people question valid liberal beliefs. Look at each situation as it is. Don't genralize based on a single circumstance. Look up logical fallacies and compare them to the question.

CSO703 said:
Aug 13 '15, 12:59AM

Too many absolutes in the questionnaire, difficult to answer because of this.

yureeka9 said:
Jul 19 '15, 3:16PM

48% liberal. I've always been for personal responsibility and fiscal conservatism, but I can't vote Republican as long as they're in bed with the Klan and makes what consenting adults do in their bedrooms, their business. Those two items make them too stupid for me.

dpd376 said:
Apr 13 '15, 9:03PM

The point is that if you look at the positions of "liberal" institutions such as the NYT and academia then the average Democrat (of whom I know many) would be a conservative and a social moderate, fiscal conservative who is for individual responsibility such as myself is a far-right reactionary.

bosssauce78 said:
Jan 7 '15, 4:11PM

i got 0% percent yall's is crubs

Phony said:
Nov 7 '14, 12:29PM

I took the quiz and tried to answer as if I were the most liberal person on the planet and only got 71%. God have mercy on liberals especially if they can get higher than 71%.

Jaja888 said:
Jul 1 '14, 10:18PM

39 percent? The hell? Pretty sure that I'm more liberal than that...maybe 60-ish

do not care said:
May 18 '13, 7:43AM

Only 4%

Total Ponage said:
Dec 4 '12, 9:09PM

0% I've always been conservative. I took the quiz to tick off liberals. Call me racist, but I'm not. I just wanted to let you know liberals are idiotic. "Let's kill unborn babies but not terrible criminals." If you were a liberal and thought this is justified, you have serious problems.

dw1996 said:
Jun 14 '12, 12:56AM

Quiz says I am 7% liberal and that I am a conservative. There are only two options? I answered that I was okay with gay marraige and abortion, so I am definitely not conservative.

alegab said:
May 2 '11, 10:34PM

77% lib

Appayipyip42 said:
Apr 3 '11, 8:54PM

And everyone calls me a Communist O.o
But seriously this quiz is biased big-time

Hunteriscool said:
Mar 15 '11, 10:49AM

I got like 12 % and i always thought of myself as ful liberal. wow

CaptainNation said:
Mar 11 '11, 11:34PM

I just took another quiz which pegged me (quite rightly) as a strong liberal. This quiz pegged me as being not just somewhat, but completely and totally conservative. I have my doubts here...and chief among them is the doubt that a belief in principles and -rational- national security and foreign policy (i.e. doing what actually strengthens America's position, not blowing random crap up for corporate and Israeli benefit) puts me on the Tea Party Express.

tongue said:
Mar 3 '11, 11:53PM

Wow talk about your right-wing bias. Check 15, 23 and 24 especially. I scored 42%, which just shows how nutty this quiz was. I'm almost always the most liberal person someone knows.

janisroelofson said:
Mar 5 '09, 11:34PM

I like this quiz, someone I sent it to that is a liberal said Dennis or someone should make a "Are you a Conservative?" quiz.
I scored that I am a 0% Liberal

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