Death By Guilt Soap Opera Part Two

Again, you should be 12+ to take this quiz. It is a few weeks after Part One took place. Take Part One or Part Two won't make any sense to you! Again, keep track of your hints, because if you do, you might need to use even 1st question hints not the 3rd part!

Keep on being careful and remembering your clues. Pay attention to everything you can and don't forget even minor details. Remember, unless I come right out and say it, then it has benefit of doubt"

Created by: Belladonna
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Tessy is pregnant by Jake, but now you are having you suspicions about that. Who do you ask to help you find out?
Ask Tessy.
Ask Jake.
4. You ask Simon to help you and he says yes. He hacks into the computer system for you, and it says that Sam is Tessy's baby's father! What do you do?
You tell Sam and Tessy to tell Jake that he isn't the father.
Tell Jake that Sam is the father of Tessy's baby.
Advise Tessy to break up with Jake and start dating Sam..
5. You don't tell anyone, but Jake gets broken up with by Tessy anyway and she starts dating Sam!
That's nice
Encourage Simon to ask her out, to keep her out of trouble at the very least.
6. Vivi has a crush on this new boy, Matt, but so do you! What do you do?
Let her go out with him.
Ask him out.
Let her do whatever she wants.
7. You get sick, what do you do?
Nothing, is this a filler question?
I call my friends.
8. Matt asks you out, but Vivi wants him to ask her out. You tell him to ask her out when she's not around and he does. You feel-
Happy that she's happy.
Sad that you missed your chance.
Angry that Vivi didnt say the same thing you said
9. Tessy knows that you know, but she breaks up with Sam and is a loner. She says that Sam doesn't know he is the father of her baby. She wants to date someone else. You pick-
Simon, to keep her grounded.
Matt, because it's impossible because Vivi is dating him, so when Vivi breaks up with him you can date him!
Sam, because he's the father.
Jake, because Sam and Jake never have to know that Sam's the father and not Jake.
10. You stay home because you still have the stomach bug, and Vivi and Matt come by. Vivi leaves to go to the bathroom and Matt tells you that he really loves you, and you say the same thing, and for once you have absolutely no desire to kiss him.
I don't?
I should anyway.
No! He's Vivi's bf!
11. No kore questions! Section 3 is a LOT better, I promise. Yes, I said that last time, but this time it will be, because we have Matt!
12. Again, I will recommend that anyone who takes this quz be 12+! You have been warned twice now and I won't warn you again.

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