David's Patriots Trivia

There are many Patriots fans, but few know it all. A Patriots fan is, afterall, quite exceptional. Are you a true Patriots fan? Test your mad skills and find out suckaaaaa.

Do you have what it takes to pass Dave's Patriots Trivia? Can you impress Kim? It's a hard task to complete, but you just might have what it takes!! Come find out.

Created by: Kim
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1. What year were the New England Patriots founded?
2. Who was the first player to sign a New England Patriots (Boston Patriots) contract?
Babe Parilli
Jim Hunt
Harvey White
Randy White
3. Who was the first head coach of the New England Patriots (Boston Patriots)?
Mike Holovak
Chuck Fairbanks
Nick Smart
Lou Saban
4. What rookie helped revitalize the New England Patriots defensive line in 2001?
Vince Wilfork
Richard Seymour
Marcus Spears
Ty Warren
5. What New England Patriot earned Offensive Rookie of the Year honors in 1995?
Terry Glenn
Drew Bledsoe
Leonard Russell
Curtis Martin
6. What quarterback did Tom Brady replace in 2001, eventually leading the Patriots to a Super Bowl championship?
Drew Bledsoe
Vinny Testeverde
Scott Zolak
Doug Flutie
7. Which of the following Super Bowls did the New England Patriots NOT win?
Super Bowl XXXVI
Super Bowl XXXVII
Super Bowl XXXVIII
Super Bowl XXXIX
8. What running back did the New England Patriots acquire from the Cincinnati Bengals in 2004?
Rudy Johnson
Corey Dillon
Kijana Carter
Antowain Smith
9. What New England Patriot shared Pro Bowl MVP honors with WR Keyshawn Johnson in 1999?
Bruce Armstrong
Drew Bledsoe
Ty Law
Willie McGinest
10. How many years did it take Bill Belichick to win a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots?
1 year
2 years
3 years
4 years
11. The 2007 Patriots began their franchise in the AFL in 1960. Only one team name existed of the four in 1960. Which team name was it that they began their franchise with?
New Jersey Generals
Buffalo Bisons
Boston Patriots
New England Jackhammers
12. Who was the head coach of the Patriots during the 2003 season?
Bill Parcells
Pete Carroll
Grady Little
Bill Belicheck
13. Where did wide receiver Troy Brown attend college?
Ohio State
Boston College
14. Who was the starting left tackle for the Patriots in 2003?
Joe Andruzzi
Matt Light
Kenyatta Jones
Damien Woody
15. Who wore number 82 during the 2003 season?
Christian Fauria
Deion Branch
Troy Brown
Daniel Graham
16. Who was the offensive coordinator for the Patriots in 2003?
Romeo Crennel
Charlie Weis
Pepper Johnson
Dante Scarnecchia
17. Which player started at middle linebacker and whose number was 54 in 2003?
Ted Johnson
Roman Phifer
Rosevelt Colvin
Tedy Bruschi
18. Who did the Patriots draft in the first round of 2001?
Jarvis Green
Tom Brady
Kevin Faulk
Richard Seymour
19. Who did the Patriots lose to on opening day 2003?
St. Louis Rams
New York Jets
Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins
20. Which stadium did the Patriots play their home games in 2003?
Stillman Stadium
Gillette Stadium
Sullivan Stadium
Schaeffer Stadium
21. Who was the Patriots kicker in 2003?
Bob Barker
Ken Walter
Adam Vinatieri
John Kasay
22. In 2006, the Patriots played in Gillette Stadium, but what company owned the rights to the name and then lost it when they went bankrupt?
23. In what season did the Patriots make their first Super Bowl appearance?
24. What rule allowed the Patriots continue their unbelievable playoff win against the Raiders in 2001?
Defensive Holding
Roughing the Passer
The Tuck Rule
Pass Interference
25. Who was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXI, where the Pats lost to Green Bay?
Brett Favre
Darren Sharper
Antonio Freeman
Desmond Howard
26. What happened in a preseason game at Boston College that forced fans on to the field with the Patriots?
The stands caught on fire
The stands collapsed
A bomb scare
A shooting
27. Going into the 2006 playoffs, the Patriots had 4 wide receivers that went to the same school. Jabar Gaffney, Chad Jackson, Kelvin Kight, and Reche Caldwell. What school was it?
Penn State
Florida State
28. Laurence Maroney shared running duties in 2006 with Corey Dillon, but what NFL back did he split carries with in college at Minnesota?
Julius Jones
Joseph Addai
Mauric Jones- Drew
Marion Barber
29. What year were the Patriots instated into the AFL?
30. Which Patriot set a record for the youngest player to win the Super Bowl MVP?
John Hannah
Mike Haynes
Tom Brady
Steve Grogan
31. In 2006, Troy Brown became the Patriots all-time leading receiver. Who had held the record before he broke it?
Hart Lee Dykes
Vincent Brisby
Irving Fryar
Stanley Morgan
32. In the seventh game of the 2004 season, the Patriots lost to make their record 6-1. Who did they play?
New York Giants
Buffalo Bills
Pittsburgh Steelers
Miami Dolphins
33. In Foxboro during the 2004 season, the Patriots played their first game against the Colts. How many interceptions did Tom Brady throw?
34. What team did the running back Corey Dillon come from before he went to the Patriots?
Cincinnati Bengals
San Diego Chargers
Cleveland Browns
Detroit Lions
35. The Patriots lost two games in the 2004 season. Who did the Patriots lose to in their 14th season game?
Miami Dolphins
Washington Redskins
Detroit Lions
Tennessee Titans
36. Ty Law was injured most of the 2004 season. Which team were the Patriots playing when he was injured?
Pittsburgh Steelers
St. Louis Rams
Arizona Cardinals
Baltimore Ravens
37. In 2003-2004 seasons, the Patriots set a record winning streak. How many games was the streak?
38. What was the Patriots' combined regular season records of 2003-2004?
39. How many touchdown passes did Tom Brady throw in 2004?
40. How much does Kim love Dave?
Lil bit
A good amount

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