Could You Pass My History Final?

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jk47 said:
Jun 25 '15, 7:42AM

Francis Hopkinson designed the first American Flag. The date at which the Declaration of Independence was signed is highly debated. The document was dated July 4th adopted as we know it on July 4th and printed on July 5th(Some believed signed by Hancock on July 4th). John Hancock, the first to sign the document(engrossed copy), did so on August 2nd. What country purchases the most fireworks is not properly worded. Are you asking which country imports the most fireworks or which civilian population purchases the most fireworks. Either way the answer is the United States not Japan. I have always known there to be 2 Liberty Bells. Can you cite the third one? Congress initially introduced a bill which recognized Independence Day as a federal holiday in 1870

Edd668 said:
Mar 9 '14, 1:14PM

While I am a "dumb American" who could better, I would like to see the answers!

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