Jesus can be your friend and companion, or just an academic concept. It is up to you to make the effort at a relationship. Jesus is always ready to be a part of your life.

We hope this is just the beginning of your journey of faith, and that you will be open to all God has in store for you. Surprise is what God often has in store for us, be open to what may unfold for you.

Created by: Deacon John
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1. Is there evidence that Jesus rose from the dead?
No, you just have to believe.
Yes, if you read carefully.
Yes, there are secret photographs hidden at the Vatican.
No, is is all made up.
2. The tomb was empty is supported by evidence. Examples are:
Roman authorities admitted the tomb was empty.
Jewish authorities admitted the tomb was empty.
Eyewitnesses saw the tomb was empty.
There is no evidence that anyone stole the body.
All of the above.
3. What is the significance of the stone being rolled back?
The stone was very large, it would require many men to move it.
Why would someone stealing the body have to move the stone so far?
The Roman guards would have stopped anyone trying to move the stone.
No one knew the stone had been moved.
All of the above
4. The burial clothes were still in the tomb. Why is this significant?
The Risen Jesus no longer needed them.
Those who stole the body were sloppy.
They are a sign that death is defeated.
It shows that Jesus was there.
1, 3, and 4
5. How many saw Jesus after He rose from the dead?
Mary Magdalene, for sure.
Mary, His mother, for sure.
His eleven remaining Apostles.
More than 500 persons at one time in Galilee.
Certainly a significant number.
All of the above.
6. Could it just be that the body was stolen by His followers to try and spread the story that He rose from the dead?
The tomb was guarded by Roman soldiers, good at their job.
The disciples were a cowardly bunch.
Jewish authorities would have found the body to show He had not Risen.
Roman authorities would have found the body to show He had not Risen.
Based on all this, not likely at all.
7. What change happened in the followers of Jesus?
They changed from fearful to unafraid.
They changed from timid to powerful preachers.
They went from hiding to speaking boldly.
They let the Spirit of the Risen Lord empower them.
All of the above.
8. How many of Jesus' followers were put to death for their belief?
Peter was, in Rome.
Matthew was, in India.
Andrew was, in Egypt.
Stephen was, in Jerusalem.
All were martyrs of record, except for John.
All of the above.
9. How can I let the Spirit of Jesus empower me today?
Have a prayer life open to listening to God.
Have a prayer life open to talking to God.
Be willing to worship the Risen Lord, because God is worthy of worship.
Let others empowered by the Spirit of Jesus guide you.
Let the Good News speak to you.
All of the above.
10. What can I do over the course of the next year to become a better Christian?
Open my heart to God in prayer.
Open my heart to God in worship.
Serve God by serving the least among us.
Serve God by loving my family better.
Take stock of how my life is a gift from God.
All of the above.

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