Jesus can be your friend and companion, or just an academic concept. It is up to you to make the effort at a relationship. Jesus is always ready to be a part of your life.

We hope this is just the beginning of your journey of faith, and that you will be open to all God has in store for you. Surprise is what God often has in store for us, be open to what may unfold for you.

Created by: Deacon John

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  1. Is there evidence that Jesus rose from the dead?
  2. The tomb was empty is supported by evidence. Examples are:
  3. What is the significance of the stone being rolled back?
  4. The burial clothes were still in the tomb. Why is this significant?
  5. How many saw Jesus after He rose from the dead?
  6. Could it just be that the body was stolen by His followers to try and spread the story that He rose from the dead?
  7. What change happened in the followers of Jesus?
  8. How many of Jesus' followers were put to death for their belief?
  9. How can I let the Spirit of Jesus empower me today?
  10. What can I do over the course of the next year to become a better Christian?

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