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marybethsaw said:
Mar 3 '16, 9:29PM

#10 - should also say you must be Catholic.

marmiteroll said:
Nov 12 '15, 11:27PM

Got 93 % thanks to an iffy question on one of the Sacraments. Grrr. We Catholics *are* the only Church. If other Christians don't like our saying that, they are very welcome to join us :) This is neither arrogant nor hubristic, but humble. What would be horribly arrogant, would be if we denied that this Church is the only one. The Church is no more arrogant for insisting that she is the One Church of Christ, than she is arrogant for insisting that Jesus Christ, and He alone, is the Saviour and Lord and King of all mankind. The two dogmas stand or fall together.

Celticmaiden said:
May 9 '13, 6:56PM

In answer to Jess 777, the reason why Catholics cannot be bothered to reply to anti Protestant sentiments is if you read your Bible better you would read that Our Lord said,
"Love your enemies, even when they revile you, so there is your answer.

Jewish Convert to the Roman Catholic Church. I thank the Lord every day for this great Blessing.

A new faith said:
Jun 26 '11, 8:17PM

I received 87 percent. Interested in becoming a Catholic. Right now I'm Anglican. Good to know the faith.

SirKnight said:
Jun 23 '11, 9:57PM

"False prophets will appear and mislead many people," - Matthew 24:11

Honestly I got 40% and I am Catholic and newly Catechist. This quiz is to help us to grow our Catholic faith but there are people who are not helping our needs for physical, mental and spiritual to grow relationship to Lord Jesus Christ also into our neighbors. They are making us confuse, they teach us to hate and pushing us away from our Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, they using in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ but they have evil desires to lead us away from the truth.

"They have spoken falsely of Yahweh, saying, "He does not exist; no harm will happen to us; we shall see neither the sword nor famine! As for the prophets, they are but wind. God doesn't speak to them.""
- Jeremiah 5,12-13

"But Yahweh said, "These prophets have proclaimed untruths in my name. I did not send them, nor did I command them or speak to them. False visions, worthless divinations and delusions of their own imagination - that is what they prophesy.""- Jeremiah 14,14

"Thus Yahweh warns, "Do not listen to what the prophets say. They give you false hope and tell you their own illusions, and not what comes from the mouth of Yahweh."- Jeremiah 23,16

"I did not send them, says Yahweh, and they falsely use my name in their prophesying. Let it not be that I drive you out of your land and you perish, you and the prophets who have spoken to you.""- Jeremiah 27,15

"My beloved, do not trust every inspiration. Test the spirits to see whether they come from God, because many false prophets are now in the world."- 1 John 4,1

beer said:
Apr 16 '11, 3:14PM

I got 80%. Not bad for a Protestant.

phickle said:
Jan 15 '11, 12:19AM

Got 87% and the comment I should think about teaching the Catholic faith to others! LOL I do.. I'm a certified Catechist and teach within RCIA.

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