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House M.D., a medical drama on FOX, focuses on the surly and unconventional medical genius, Dr. Gregory House. This critically-acclaimed show has inspired fans to create House quizzes here on GoToQuiz. If you think you are a House expert, go ahead and give them a try.

Our House M.D. Quizzes

  • Which House Md Character are you?
    [by: Karen, rated: rated: 3.94/5, published: Nov 5, 2006]

    The show House md has become quite popular since its airing. The characters are interesting and…

  • House MD: the quiz
    [by: amazon, rated: rated: 3.12/5, published: Dec 13, 2006]

    Are you a House-dork?? Can you quote House on a daily basis? Do you think Wilson and House are gay? Are you…

  • What House MD character are you?
    [by: morgan, rated: rated: 3.09/5, published: Aug 5, 2007]

    The characters of HOuse MD are all unique but strangely beautiful. Their personalities clash,…

  • Are you sure you knoww House M.D?
    [by: Lefteris, rated: rated: 2.83/5, published: Jan 15, 2010]

    Around the world, lots of people watch "House". But, do you? Do you watch "House" every day? Do…

  • How well do you know House M.D.?
    [by: Nicole, rated: rated: 2.63/5, published: Aug 16, 2009]

    There are people who live only to watch the show House M.D. Are you one of these people? You…

  • House md quiz for the house lovers
    [by: meha, rated: rated: 2.33/5, published: Feb 7, 2007]

    Its an fun triva quiz for anyone who loves House and wants to test their Houseing ability and…

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