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Our Entertainment Quizzes

  • how much of a wwe superstar are you
    [by: drew wilson, rated: rated: 3.77/5, published: Apr 10, 2011]

    I made this quiz because I took WWE quiz after WWE quiz,and it did not fit my style or taste!…

  • Which asian drama would you like?
    [by: Elvaniel, rated: rated: 3.15/5, published: Dec 23, 2007]

    There are SO many romantic asian dramas out there. Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean... So…

  • The Gods of Chaos
    [by: Wargo567, rated: rated: 2.9/5, published: Apr 29, 2012]

    In This Quiz You Must Think Yourself As An Evil Champions of The Dark Gods of Chaos Which Are Nurgle, Slaanesh,…

  • Which fictional character are you?
    [by: booksandfilms, rated: rated: 2.72/5, published: Nov 17, 2013]

    This is the fictional characters quiz. You will find out which of the fictional characters I…

Comics Quizzes

  • Are you a true Garfield fan?
    [by: Daniel Jackson, rated: rated: 2.95/5, published: Jun 11, 2009]

    Hello fellow Garfield lovers! This is a 13 question quiz showing if you really are a True Garfield…

  • How well do you know Garfield?
    [by: comicboy72, rated: rated: 2.81/5, published: Apr 10, 2009]

    Comics... their everywere. But this comic is a test. Show how well you know Garfield and become a…

Internet Culture Quizzes

  • What emoji are you?
    [by: A.J. Vids, rated: rated: 3.92/5, published: Nov 11, 2017]

    Do you ever wonder what you would be like as an emoji?! Well, do you wonder what emoji you would be? You've…

Manga Quizzes

  • The Best Bleach Boyfriend for You
    [by: laurie bunter, rated: rated: 4.37/5, published: Sep 27, 2007]

    If you clicked on this test, it means that you watch or read Bleach! So do you really want to…

  • Are you an Anime/Manga person?
    [by: 566039, rated: rated: 3.12/5, published: Mar 21, 2008]

    There are many, and I mean really many persons in this world that like anime and manga. Many of…

  • Ranma 1/2 Manga quiz
    [by: sevenof9, rated: rated: 2.88/5, published: Oct 5, 2007]

    The quiz is on Ranma 1/2 manga. Test your knowledge to see how well you do. I hope you do well. This quiz…

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