Captain Haddock's Insults Quiz

Captain Haddock never once called people childish or stupid insults when he got angry. Rather, he always pulled out the most hilarious,scientific miscellaneous words you ever heard.

Are YOU a true Haddock? Do you have to grab a dictionary to know what Haddock's words mean or do you yell them frequently yourself? Take this quiz and test your knowledge.

Created by: Stephen
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1. What does ''Filibuster'' mean?
A member of a dangerous brotherhood or gang
A person who goes to Central America to seize power
A derogatory term towards Irish poets during the Renaissance
A person who kidnaps Filipinos and sells them into slavery
None of the above
2. What does ''slubberdegullion'' mean?
A filthy, slobbering person
A person who swabs the decks of a ship
A seagull
A term used by the people in the middle ages to refer to the man in charge of using the Guillotine.
None of the above
3. What does ''bashi-bazouk'' mean?
A coward that flees from battle
A soldier that has been punished by having both of his ears cut off
A member of the Ottoman army
A person with an extraordinarily large head
None of the above
4. What does ''bougainvillea'' mean?
An old fashioned wooden dog toy
A South American flower
A travelling musician
A term deriving from the French term for a nobleman
None of the above
5. What does ''mountebank'' mean?
An iron stand on which statues are placed
A term for the people in London who worked in the lower class banks, known for cheating the poor
An infamous middle-eastern soldier with experience in combat in the mountains
A person who sells fake medicine or tries to trick you
None of the above
6. What does ''blackguard'' mean?
A scoundrel
A hige prestige class in Dungeons and Dragons
An african guard
A medieval knight that wore dark suits of armor.
None of the above
7. What does ''Pachyrhizus'' mean?
A prehistoric ape
A member of an obsolete order of mammals including hippos and rhinoceroses.
A mammal with hooves
An Aztec
None of the above
8. What is a ''troglodyte''?
A prehistoric crustacean like creature
A cavedweller in Northern Africa
Someone in a pre-columbian civilization in Central America
A deep sea fish capable of creating it's own light
None of the above
9. What is a ''vivisectionist''?
A person that disects live insects
A person that cuts up animals to prepare them to be stuffed
A person that performs surgery on living animals
A person that lives excluded from civilization in an attempt to communicate with nature
None of the above
10. What does ''raggle-taggle'' mean?
A marine term referring to the rags used to clean laundry
A heterogeneous mixture
A travelling musician
The tassels hanging from a gypsies clothing
None of the above

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