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loserbagel said:
Apr 22 '16, 7:57PM

11% because im mad at the world. it says the world will be destroyed under my rule. but vegeta was destryoyed by frieza duh?

Starfish Hitler said:
Mar 11 '15, 4:59PM

I got 29%... Is it 'cuz I picked Embodiment of Elequence?

Kingbob2000 said:
Feb 22 '15, 5:01PM

100% bih I shall rule them all

Element Orbs said:
Sep 15 '11, 5:37AM

I am 91% capable! Yes! @magnanimoisjoe how did you get 100%? Can I be your assistant/second-in -command?

Kjnhb said:
Oct 1 '10, 10:03PM

0% capable of ruling the world everyone will die eventually and civilization will collapse

magnanimousjoe said:
Jul 5 '08, 5:31PM

WOO 100%!!

TheAwesomeness said:
Jul 2 '08, 1:48AM


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