Can You Defeat Dracula?

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The best tomboy said:
May 6 '14, 9:10PM

53% oh well Dracula iz not real

wolvesrule65318 said:
Jul 9 '13, 8:49PM


Kepler said:
Aug 18 '12, 12:23AM

90%! But then again, I did read the book.

deadly silence said:
Oct 21 '11, 11:23PM

57%. In this quiz and the zombie survival quizzes I always end up dead. :(

S542 said:
Jun 24 '11, 7:02PM

Confusing quiz, but I got 53%

xVaMpIrEx said:
Jan 22 '11, 11:17AM

77% chance. Thats kool, and nice quiz.
Although I wouldn't dream of fighting with Dracula, I admire him to much.

ShadeWolf1244 said:
Jan 21 '11, 2:19PM

HAHAHA!! meow! bye bye!! meow!!

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