Buffy The Vampire Slayer Quiz Season 1 Episode 3:

This quiz is about the pilot episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. There are some easy question and some for those true fans out there in the world. You really need to know your stuff to get a perfect score on my episode quizzes.

Do you like Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Do you think you know it better than anyone else? Here's a quiz for those who do! This just about the pilot episode look for more about every episode made!

Created by: Betty
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3. What is the name of the 3rd episode?
Something Wicked This Way Come
Magic Unknown
4. What is Buffy wearing the first time she is on screen in this episode?
Jeans and a T-Shirt
A Skirt and Bra
A Toga
A Cheer leading uniform
5. How does Buffy meet Amy?
In line at the cafeteria
At cheer leading try outs
At a frat party
In the girls room
6. What happens to Amber Grove?
Her hair catches on fire
Her skirt catches on fire
Her hands catch on fire
Her feet catch on fire
7. Who are Willow and Xander to Buffy's "Slayer" status?
The Slayerettes
The Gang
The 2 Musketeers
The Fraidy Cats
8. Where is the Cheerleader roster hanging at?
Outside the gym
Behind the locker room door
Outside the cafeteria
In The Quad
9. What position does Buffy get on the squad?
1st Alternate
2nd Alternate
10. What happens to Cordelia?
She breaks her leg
She walks into traffic
She goes blind
She gets decapitated
11. Who is the Witch?
Amy's Mother
12. What happens in Driver's Ed?
Buffy saves Cordelia
Cordelia drives the car into oncoming traffic
Cordelia doesn't feel like driving
All of the above
13. What is the Driver's Ed. teacher's name?
Mr. MacDonald
Mr. Belding
Mr. Pool
Mr. Giles
14. Who recently checked out books on witch craft?
Miss Calender
15. What color does a witches skin turn when the potion is poured onto her?
16. What happens to Buffy when a spell gets put on her?
She goes blind
She can't talk
She uses all her energy up quickly then goes comatose
She goes insane and runs into the road
17. What song does Buffy sing in this episode?
Genie In A Bottle
Take Me Out To The Ball Game
I'm Every Woman
Macho Man
18. What is the name of the spell put on Buffy?
Dark Death
Blood Stone Vengeance
Plague Of A Thousand Years
Dreamers Candle Stick
19. How does Buffy know that it's Amy and not her mother at home?
She's disguising her voice
She runs away
She was eating brownies
She puts a spell on her
20. What does the witch have hanging up in her attic?
21. Where is the witch when she realizes that there is a spell being done on her?
In the library
At the basketball game
In the science lab
Standing next to Buffy
22. Who is performing the spell?
23. How does the witch get into where the spell is being performed?
A spell
She turns the handle
An Axe
She kicks it in
24. What happens to the witch?
Her head gets cut off
Her spell backfires and she gets cast into her own trophy
She returns to Sunny Dale 7 years later and sends it into oblivion
She apologizes and goes home
25. What doesn't Joyce get?
A 16 year old's brain
A promotion
A Date
A proposal
26. Who finally gets to be a cheerleader?
27. What do Buffy and Amy look at the end of the episode?
A mask
A trophy
A stake
A vampire

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