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Are you a fan of the urbanely witty show 'Boston Legal'? If so you can prove it by taking this 15 question quiz. Beware, this quiz is not for the casual 'BL' viewer.

Are you up to the challenge? Do you know the characters and issues from this wonderful show? Well let's see just how well you do. The secret to trial law and life is to pull a rabbit out of your hat.

Created by: Richard
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1. What show is Boston Legal a spinoff of?
The Practice
LA Law
Boston Public
Ally McBeal
2. What is Brad Chase neurotic about when he has to defend a couple of women?
Their race
They're Lesbians
Their age.
They're transvestites
3. Who keeps showing up unnoticed just as Denny Crane is putting his foot in his mouth?
Shirley Schmidt
Paul Lewiston
Bethany Horowitz
Donny Crane
4. What does Denny Crane keep collection of in his office, home, and on his person?
Dirty pictures
Cell phones
5. Where does Alan Shore first meet Shirley Schmidt?
In the courtroom
Called to her office
In the men's room
In Denny's bed
6. What does founding partner Edwin Poole do in the 1st episode that lands him in a mental hospital?
He shows up without pants
He dresses like 'Little Orphan Annie'
He pulls a gun
He has an affair with a client's wife
7. Who is Shirley Schmidtho?
A split personality of Shirley's
A female impersonator of Shirley
An anatomacally correct doll likeness of Shirley
Shirley's twin sister
8. Who is 'Gracie Jane'?
a TV reporter loosely based on CNN's Nancy Grace
Alan's secretary
A famous client of the firm
A judge that Alan and Denny both slept with
9. Who is Donny Crane?
Denny's illegitmate son
Someone who thought he was Denny's illegitmate son
Denny's sex-maniac alter ego
Denny's loser brother
10. Where did Alan and Denny go after Tara Wilson left Alan?
Los Angeles
New Orleans
Nimmo Bay
11. What did Denny do to a client that raped and killed a 13-year old girl?
won the case
shot him in the knees
threw the case
got him declared insane
12. Who is the father of Denise Bauer's baby?
Alan Shore
Jeffrey Coho
Clarence Bell
Brad Chase
13. How did Brad find out that Jeffrey had slept with Denise?
He caught them in her office
Claire Simms told him
He used a ultra violet light that showed where she had touched him
He hired a P. I. to follow them
14. What were Shirley's ex-husband Ivan Tiggs and his latest wife Missy expecting?
A baby
Puppies from their dog 'Sally Bowles'
A teenage girl refugee to adopt
A new bedroom set
15. When out trick or treating Alan and Tara are arrested. Who were they dressed as?
Batman and Robin
Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia
Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock
Wonder Woman and Catwoman
16. What does Lori Colson file a complaint against Denny about?
Sexual Harrassment
Unethical practices
Gender Bias
Unlawful Conduct
17. Who kidnapped Shirley having delusions of grandeur?
Bernard Ferrion
Milton Bombay
Lincoln Meyer
Sally Heep

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