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The purple guy said:
Aug 23 '15, 7:04AM

51!? Omg damn!! >:3

tashi zangmu said:
Mar 14 '14, 1:11PM

++++oh atleast out here i got 83%

awesomecuziam said:
Apr 5 '12, 6:05PM


Yellasplitzer287 said:
Aug 23 '11, 1:47AM

82% hahaha *laughs heartily* :D

BlackandWhite said:
Nov 26 '10, 2:53AM

You got 86% Believe it

"Orochimaru is jealous and wants you because your clan is better than the uchiha and you might be hokage and when you do I won't be suprised."

BlackandWhite said:
Aug 4 '10, 3:00AM

You got 63% Believe it

"About half of your chakra or brain is what your using but you're close keep trying and your half close to getting them all right."

shadowsnake0345 said:
Jun 2 '10, 8:15PM

gots 100 fyi: madara uchiha also helped kill itachi's family and u dont know shi t bout naruto. i know more than ANYONE! i know u wont belive meh but Masashi Kishimoto is my uncle

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