Beautiful Secrets Part 2

Ayooo thickness, what's good? lol hello my fellow Sea Ponies! You guys, we are officially TeamSeaPonies, alright? leave it in the comments. lol, this is part 2 of Beautiful Secrets and I hope you like it!

I'll be putting the description of the guys after all of them are introduced but for now I'll just put the names (: Alex Hart, Nick Martinez, Sam Mitchell, Zac Anderson, and Christofer Henderson.

Created by: Dannica

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  1. I was hungry, so I decided to fall in the humongous line; at least it wasted time from being alone. I wonder where Alex was. After all, wasn't he supposed to be 'looking out for me and making sure I didn't get into any trouble'? I looked around and saw a poster posted up by the office doors advertising a school carnival. "Spend your night playing games and going on rides @ SoCal Valley's Winter Festival!" It actually sounded like fun. If only I had friends, you know? The line was so long and boring to wait in that I couldn't help but eavesdrop into a conversation that was taking place between the people behind me. "We should go to the carnival, yeah? We could dress up to. You should be Santa and I could be Mrs. Claus. Well, a sexier version. And if we do go then there better be some low fat churros there. Ugh, I just can't stand the amount of sugar they put on those things. I'm trying to lose 5 pounds." The girl even sounded annoying. Her voice was high pitched and it cracked a lot between words. "I don't think they have low fat churros. And I don't think I can go. My grandparents are coming over for the week and I haven't seen them in over 2 years." The guy said, obviously irritated. I turned around just to see what they looked like. The girl had on a tribal patterned sweater, skinny jeans, and those moccasin flats. She was a light brunette and she had one of those peacock feather extensions dangling from her left side. Her eyes were brown, and she had this rather annoyed look on her face. Her boyfriend (I'm guessing) on the other hand, was about 4 inches taller than me, with brownish/dirty blonde hair, and eyes the color of a freshly mowed lawn. He caught me looking and smiled a little at me, which made me turn away because I don't know, his girlfriend seemed to be the jealous type.
  2. "Why wont you let me meet your family?!?" She demanded. "We've only been dating for 3 weeks! Don't you think that's a little early to be meeting my family? Come on Tara, I haven't seem my grandparents in over a year and they spent their money just to fly down here." He explained. "But Sam! Ugh, we've been dating for 3 and a HALF weeks actually, and so what?!" She was practically screaming now, causing a scene as I wasn't the only one watching. "Tara, can we talk about this later??" Sam asked in a hushed tone. Tara didn't say anything. Instead, she stomped her foot on the ground in frustration and went away, leaving Sam there in the line massaging his head.
  3. "A little stormy over there in boyfriend-girlfriend town?" I asked, just realizing what I said was really lame. "You could say that. She's just so...demanding and difficult sometimes." Sam replied with a sigh. "I can imagine. And I think low fat churros are called pretzels." I responded, trying to crack a joke. It worked, thankfully. Sam laughed, revealing a cute little dimple on his cheek. "I haven't seen you around before. You're new?" He asked me, getting his money ready for the lunch lady as we were close to the front. "Yeah, it's my first day. I just transferred from Arizona." I replied cooly. "It's hot over there. My family and I went there to visit some relatives and everytime I walked I felt like a hot dog roasting over a fire." I laughed and introduced myself. I learned that his name was Sam Mitchell and we talked for a little bit about his family and his life. We were originally supposed to talk about me, but my life was sort of...complicated. Well, that's what I told him at least. "What's good here?" I asked him, now second in line. " should try the Breakfast Burrito. It's not like Jack 'n' the Box's, but it's pretty good." I leaned into the window and ordered a breakfast burrito and a gatorade. I payed the lady and handled my food in my hands. "Well it was nice meeting you, Sam. I'll see you around!" I said to him with a big smile. "It was nice meeting you too, bye!" He replied. The people here are so nice. Now I know Principle Wagger wasn't exaggerating when he said the kids here were welcoming. I saw an empty table and started walking there with my food, when I tripped on the ground. I nearly dropped my burrito, but thankfully somebody caught it. "Hey Princess, you should watch where you're going. You wouldn't want to fall on your face the first day." Advised an amused Alex. (Hey, say that last sentence 5 times really fast. LOL) "I think I know that," I said, snatching my burrito and sitting down at the table, "and don't call me Princess." Alex took a seat across from me and put his elbows on the table as he leaned in really close. I looked into his blue eyes and felt butterflies in my stomach. "Can I have a bite of your burrito?" He asked me with a sly smile. I ripped the top half of the plastic and took a bite. "No." I replied with my mouth still full. "Aw, why not?" Alex said, now getting in a normal sitting position. "Because you read my mind without my consent." I said, taking another bite. He laughed a little. "I didn't read your mind." I nearly choked when I opened my mouth to say something. "What do you mean? Then how did you know I was thinking about you while we were reading?" "I was assuming. So you WERE thinking about me? Figured." H replied with a grin.
  4. "You know what, I was only thinking about you because you were sitting right next to me and we were going to be room mates, okay?" I said, now trying to open my Gatorade, which wouldn't budge at all. "Whatever you say," Alex said, now fixing his gaze at me trying to open my drink, "do you need help with that?" I sighed and nodded. "Give me a bite of your burrito and I'll open it for you." Alex bargained. "Fine. But not too big!" I handed him my burrito and he took a bite. When he finished chewing, he took another bite and then handed it back to me. "You took to bites, you know." I said. "Yeah, I can count." Alex replied. He reached over for my Gatorade and opened it. I reached for it, but before he handed it back to me he took a sip. "you could ask me to buy you something instead of taking my food." I stated, taking a drink of my Gatorade and putting it back down. "I could, but then I'd have to wait in that big ass line." He replied with a smile. I finished my burrito and threw the plastic in the trash can. Half of me hoped that when I came back to the table Alex wasn't there, but the other half just wanted his company. I sat back down across from Alex who was looking at me in a weird way. "What?" I asked him. "Nothing. I'm just wondering why you still haven't gotten your powers yet." "So am I." I responded with a sigh. "Who was that guy you were talking to in the line?" He asked curiously. "This guy named Sam who was having trouble with his girl friend. Why do you ask?" I said, playing around with my Gatorade bottle. "Just wondering." He replied.
  5. "Hey, Alex!" Someone called out behind me. I turned around to see who it was and nearly melted to the ground. Yes, it was yet another cute guy and he was so...perfect looking. He had dark brown hair, a lean body, brown eyes, and just the perfect fashion sense. Like a British guy; but I could tell he wasn't British. "Oh hey, Zac. What's up?" Alex replied with him. Zac took a seat next to me and my spine got all tingly. "Nothing much, really. I just wanted to hang out." He turned to me and smiled, "Hi, who are you?" His smile. Oh dear Lord, his smile. He had dimples right on his cheek bones and it was just the cutest thing in the world. "I'm ______..." I replied kind of dazed. "I'm Zac, and I think you're cute. I assume you're new like Alex? Well, welcome to SoCal. It's fun here, and the classes aren't oh so hard." He replied with another smile. I was speechless. Ok, so imagine if you were Rebecca Black and you won a Grammy. That's how surprised and excited I felt when he called me cute. I glanced at Alex, and he looked kind of left out. Haha, third wheel. That's what you get for eating my burrito you butt nugget. "I think I'll go get some good before the bell rings. I'll see you two around." Zac winked at me and then off and made his way to the line.
  6. "He's cute." I said out loud. "Really? Well, he has a girlfriend. Just so you know." A wave of disappointment washed over me. "Sorry to burst your bubble." Alex said. "It's not like I liked him." I said quietly. "You're lying." "How do you know?" "Because when he was talking to you, you were as red as a tomato." "Doesn't mean I like him." "But you found him attracting." "How do you know?" "Because you were acting the exact same way in Biology." He smiled, knowing I couldn't come up with a come back to that. The bell rang, and I left without even saying good-bye." I think he enjoys putting me on the spot like that. My next class was French with Mrs. Bonet; pronounced (Bo-Nay), it said on the paper. I walked in the class and it smelled like freshly picked apples. I walked over to Mrs. Bonet whom was sitting at her desk. She looked young. Like in the 20's young. She was blonde, blue eyes, tall, and she had big ass boobies. I bet she has a part time job as a p--- star. She was showing so much cleavage, oh my goodness. If I showed that much my mom would find a way to deflate my boobs like a hot air balloon. "Hi Sweety, can I help you?" She asked with a smile. "Um yeah, I'm a new student here." She bit her lip while looking over the class. "Oh yes! You can sit in that empty desk over there. Ther person that's supposed to be sitting next to you is absent but I'm sure that will be no problem!" She said with enthusiasm. I faked a smile and slowly sat down in my seat. We were learning how to say basic words in French such as hello, goodbye, yes, no, and maybe. I was writing everything down in my notebook in the form of cornell notes when I heard a small snicker coming from the cabinet, closet thing on the far left corner of the classroom. Then I heard a scream.
  7. I looked around but the others didn't seem to notice. I casually got up and walked over to the cabinet while Mrs. Bonet was eyeing me. I was about to open it up to take a peek at to what was in it when Mrs. Bonet growled, "Don't open that!" I stepped back and she was glaring at me with such intensity in her eyes it was scary. Assuming she startled me, which she did, she softened up her face and forced a smile. "I should have told. Nobody's aloud to look in that cabinet except for me." I nodded and pale-faced, when back to my seat. But what made her so over protective about that cabinet? I doubt there was school supplies in there. I mean, what if there was a kidnapped child in there? But if she was a p--- star and kept all her 'toys' in there...why would she keep them there in the first place?! I decided not to think about it when I was under surveillance by Mrs. Bonet's steady, yet strong gaze. That's why when the bell rang I left immediately. You know how sometimes when a student does something wrong the teacher wants him/her to stay after class? Yeah, I wasn't going to put myself in that situation.
  8. I looked over my schedule again and saw that I had history with Mr. Woodbury. I walked in the class and saw Mr. Woodbury writing the date on the board. I cleared my throat to get his attention and he turned around to face me. He wore glasses, had brown balding hair, and he was really tall. "Ah, you must be the new student. Please sit in any available seat." He said boringly. I nodded and decided to wait until everybody was seated to choose. I looked everyone over and it seemed to be that nobody I knew was in this class...until Tara walked in. She sat down in a desk with an empty seat right next to it. I scanned the room quickly for another seat when Mr. Woodbury said, "There's an empty seat over by Tara. Tara, raise your hand." HE said. Tara, confused at first, raised her hand and I slowly took my time to get to where she was which was towards the middle of the class. When she saw me, she made a sour face. I sat down in the seat next to hers and she scooted her chair more away from me. During class she kept sneaking glanced at me and giving me dirty looks. I had a temptation to punch her, but I remained calm. I didn't bother talking to her, and she didn't bother talking to me, so I guess this was going to be a class of solitude and isolation. The bell finally rang and I saw that it was lunch time.
  9. I took out the remains of my Gatorade and started drinking it. Then just like that, I was covered in water: soaking wet. Surprised, I stood up and saw Tara there with a smirk on her face holding an empty bottle of water. It was ass kicking time, bro.
  10. Aaaand scene. As you can see, I'm still trying to get the first day of school all together and explain everything and introduce everyone, so things WILL get better over the course of time, don't worry! But for the next part, expect a whole lot of flirting, sweet talk, and sparks flying. Oh, and let's not forget the mystery guy that's going to appear it probably Part 4? Yup, stay tuned!

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