Beautiful Lies Part 8

WINNERS FROM GAME FOUR: Faith. lol, guys you're killing me. It was Snickers! I mean, Kit Kat and Twix is good, but I prefer chocolate with nuts in them. aha, read the results though, you might like it.

For previous winners please go to Part 6. And um, for my next series, would you guys like just one main guy throughout the story, or several? I'm just wondering.

Created by: Dannica

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  1. Nick tried calling _____ over and over again. Not that he was that type to stalk other girls for standing him up on a date (He dropped by her house and her aunt told him she wasn't interested), but he just wanted to hear her voice. Actually, that kind of sounded stalkerish too. Nick was standing over his bathroom sink. His parents were downstairs fighting about Xavier's death and how it happened. His mom was blaming it on his dad, while his dad was blaming it on nobody but Xavier himself. Nick leaned over the sink, face staring into the drain. He searched through the medicine cabinets and drawers of the bathrooms, trying to find something to help him out. He couldn't live with this secret. He couldn't live with this pang of guilt that has been bubbling inside him ever since he witnessed his own brother's death and didn't tell anybody about it. Some people might have thought of it as selfish, ignorant, or cowardly. But the truth was, Nick was just scared. It wasn't because he saw Xavier transform right before his eyes; it wasn't the fact that the doctor stabbed him with a shot of flames' but it was who the doctor was. He jerked his head up when he heard his mom calling his name. He hesitantly got out of the bathroom and peered downstairs. "What?" He called. "Your friend Sam is here."
  2. "You wanna do what?" Ash exclaimed, getting up from his seat. I sighed. "It's the only way." I nodded seemingly to Gritzo. "She needs the medicine, he needs the company. Come on, it's not like he's going to rape her." I stared at Gritzo. "You're not planning on doing that...right?" Gritzo put on an offended expression. "Goblins don't find humans very attractive. What do you think I am? I had a beautiful wife. Speaking of her, that stupid lizatour hasn't left me alone. You have to kill it for me." Gumbo whined. "Murder it yourself, we have to save our energy furthermore into the trip." Gritzo leered and said, "You'll have to kill it anyways, hound. If you step one more foot out there the thing will leap out of the ground and grab you one by one until there's no more of you left. Especially you, girl." He pointed at me. "Oath has a big bounty on you. Why, you're wanted all over the Banished Provinces." I sighed and muttered under my breath, "So I've heard." Ash's fists were clenched at his side. "So we leave April with you and we kill the lizatour. You'll take care of her until she gets better?" We all glanced at April, whom was unconscious due to the blue substance. "And then she'll go back to you guys. It's her decision whether she lives or dies though—remember that. But don't worry. I'll take care of your girlfriend." Ash rolled his eyes. "She's not my girlfriend!"
  3. Christofer was being led by Thomas down an even more pristine hallway. Every step they took deeper into the Underbelly, the more fancy it got. The ceiling was no longer made up of dirt, but clean granite tiles. On the ground was a long strip of black carpet. Flanking that was mahogany wooden floors. There were guards everywhere, although they looked more like statues rather than living human beings. They stood like the guards in front of the Buckingham Palace: back straight, chin up, weapons ready. "Where are we going?" Christofer asked. Thomas looked behind his shoulder at him, and turned back without a word. The two of them kept walking further on, following the black carpet, passing rows upon rows of doors of different palettes of colors and huge brass knobs. Christofer studied the place thoughtfully. He knew he couldn't escape, but just in case, he wanted to know where he was going. "This ain't the place I was supposed to show ya', but I thought you might wanna see this." Thomas stopped in front of a turquoise door with a small placard next to it reading "PRISON CELL #847". He placed his hand on the door and swung it open with a slight creak. The room was dark until Thomas turned on the light switch on the side of the wall. In front of Christofer was a transparent barricade. On the other side of it was a small prison room with a body in it. It looked like an interrogation room rather than a prison cell, but he'd take this place any day compared to the place he had to stay in. The body was still breathing, so it was alive. It was definitely a boy. He was wearing dirty clothes and his hair was tousled all over the place. He was laying on the bed, back facing Christofer. In the cell Christofer could see cameras and speakers covering all four corners of the room. Thomas went over to a small box with a bunch of wires and spoke into a microphone. "Turn around, punk. Lemme see ya'." The boy stirred in the bed and slowly got up. He winced and cringed, holding his back up for support. "What have you done to him?" Christofer asked, disgusted. Thomas chuckled. "Probably one of the most amazing things that has ever happened in history, boy." The boy got up and stood there for a while, still facing the opposite way from Christofer. His breathing picked up outrageously and then slowed down. It was actually kind of scary, to be honest. The kid turned around slowly. When he saw his face, Christofer went up to the barricade and slammed his hand on the thick glass. "Zac!"
  4. Auntie Lisa slumped down on the couch in her onesie eating a bag of potato chips and watching My Fair Wedding With David Tutera. She groaned when the bride said, "I do". Her bag of chips was lessened to crumbs, so she got up lazily and threw it away. She was kind of a hopeless romantic ever since she got divorced with her ex husband, Larry. Lisa and Larry might have sounded and looked cute before, but once Auntie Lisa started talking about kids, he ditched. "Ass flake," she muttered under her breath. The school called the land line about fifteen times reminding everyone that school was just around the corner. Now she'd have to make up an excuse to cover up her niece who was off in some other world rescuing her boyfriend and her parents. She did make a mistake though, telling that kid Nick that she didn't want to go to the zoo. Kind of harsh, she realized thinking back on it. Sam has been a doll though, always checking up once in a while to see how she was doing. Auntie Lisa opened the refrigerator and grabbed a can of soda. She popped the can open and heard the fizz of the soft drink crackling and sizzling to a simmer. She set the drink down once the doorbell rang. Auntie Lisa skipped along to the front door and looked through the peep hole. A middle aged man stood there with brown, balding hair. He looked quite tall, and he had half moon spectacles on. He looked nice enough so she opened the door, embarrassed by what she was wearing. "Hello. May I help you?" The man smiled so big it almost looked fake. "Yes, you can. My name is Henry Woodbury, _______'s teacher. I'd like to have a word with you, if I may."
  5. I've never really been in a girl fight before. In school I wasn't really the type to handle my situations like that. I hated a lot of people, yeah, but I never really confronted anybody about it. Besides, no one really had a problem with me. I wasn't one to start unnecessary drama. I kind of just minded my own business. I've seen girl fights before though. I've seen April fight Natalie on YouTube. And now I know she wasn't exaggerating when she said she whooped Natalie's ass. Because she kind of whooped mine.
  6. You see, what happened was, while everyone was talking about our bargain with Gritzo, April went unconscious since Gritzo didn't give her enough of the sleeping potion. So I guess you could just blame everything on him. It wasn't until Alex pointed it out did it occur to me that April was trying to hurt me. I legit thought she was hugging me at first, but then I remembered the truffle poison. Well, in some ways you could say she was trying to hug me. Around my neck. With her hands. I didn't want to hurt her, so I tolerated with that. Alex pushed her off me though. She stood there in the middle of the room glaring at me like I just ran over her cat or something. Her expression softened for a moment and she looked like herself. "Where's Zac?" She smiled brightly, looking around the room. Her gaze stopped at me, and she turned into a lunatic again. She pointed at me. "You!" She pounced on me like a lion and slapped me across the face several times. I was about to punch her, but I didn't get the chance since Gritzo knocked her out again with the blue stuff. She fell to the ground while Alex offered me a hand. "You okay?" I dusted off my hands and nodded. Gumbo chuckled a little. "I didn't know temporarily meant 10 minutes, goblin." Gritzo laughed heartily. "Neither did I. Wild truffle poison seem to be the hardest to cure of all. She had a major attack there. Do you understand why she needs to stay here now?"
  7. Alex, Ash, and Gumbo made their way back to the main floor of the Core. _____ was to stay behind after her encounter with April. Ash's sword was ready, Gumbo's armory was all out, and Alex studied the area around him for telekinetic reasons. Gritzo warned them to not make any sound since the lizatour only responds to that. The plan for communication was held in Alex's hands, as he could speak into the other's minds. Yeah, no pressure, he thought as he scanned the ground. Ash dug his sword into the ground, sending a ripple of dirt throughout most of the road. There was a low grumbling sound, and it became closer and louder within every second. The ground below was shaking, and sooner or later, a big alligator like creature shot out of the ground with a massive roar. It must have easily been 25 feet long and 10 feet high. The hyde of the creature was a greenish-brown, and the eyes were bloodshot. It had huge sharp talons and a snout big enough to swallow anything that came in its path. It stopped for a minute and sniffed the air and glazed around. Alex, Ash, and Gumbo stood very still, not even daring to breath. The lizatour must have had the same characteristics as a dinosaur, because it skimmed past them easily. Actually, never mind. Gumbo let out a relieved breath of air, and the lizatour's eyes snapped back at them. It roared and came charging at Gumbo fast. Alex didn't need to say anything in anybody's mind because everyone sprang into action.
  8. Ash sliced away at the lizatour like it was nobody's business. He multiplied himself and sliced gashes into the Inferior's tough Hyde. Gumbo's spit had no effect on the thing, and Alex saw spit fireballs out of his mouth, aimed at the lizatour's face. Alex threw tree trunks and boulders at it, trying to slow it down or crush it, but the thing was so big. The lizatour started swinging its tail around the ground, almost causing a tornado. It swiped away at the three of them and they fell onto their backs. Alex got up, clutching his rib cage. "Are you all right?" Ash asked above the lizatour's roar. Alex nodded while Gumbo lunged again at the monster while it was caught off guard. Gumbo was thrown against the ground as the lizatour made a sound that sounded like a laugh. Ash multiplied himself again, but the lizatour kept swiping them away. Alex focused on the ground beneath the monster's feet. He remembered what April told told him: "Nothing else matters but you and your mind. You have to focus every bit of energy you have into whatever you want to happen. Clear your mind and just go for it. It usually works when you're in a life or death situation." This was definitely a life or death situation, Alex thought. He closed his eyes and focused. He heard a roar and then a huge boom. He peeked one eye open and there, right before him, was a huge hole in the middle of the path where the lizatour once stood. "Aw yeah!" Alex exclaimed with a grin. He turned to Ash and Gumbo, pleased with himself. "Get on my level." Ash smirked and pointed at the hole. "It's not dead yet, bro." Alex's smile faded and he scoffed. "Yeah, but did you see that amazing move I just did? Someone should have gotten that on video. That deserves to be in an action movie. Actually, that deserves an award." Gumbo whinnied. "Shut up. Can't you see I'm injured?"
  9. The dog was right. He had blood oozing out of his left side. Ash put on a wry smile and healed Gumbo up without any trouble. "Why can't you heal April?" Alex asked. "I can't heal poison or anything like that. Just stuff with blood and bone." The lizatour roared again and began climbing out of the big ditch that Alex had created. The three were about to start again when Alex saw a circular black ball getting thrown at the animal. "Duck!" Someone screamed out. Alex hit the ground along with the others, and in a few seconds, something massive exploded. It shook the ground and covered everyone and everything in dust, soot, and lizatour guts. The sound hit Alex's ears like knives, and the ringing remained even after the person who had thrown the bomb told him it was safe to get up. He heard Ash groan. "This is gross." Alex wiped the soot out of his eyes and was surprised to find who has joined the party. "I'll explain once we go back to Gritzo's. I'm kind of wanted around here," the girl said. "For what, if I may ask?" Gumbo questioned. The girl laughed. "For pissing off a whole lot of people."
  10. I was sitting on the couch, watching Gritzo tend April. "Do you miss your wife?" He went still for a second, and then looked up at me. "Sometimes I do. Most of the time I do. But that's the past. I can't change that." I sighed heavily. "This might sound crazy, but can I ask you for some advice?" The goblin snorted. "You got yourself some boy trouble? Alright, give it to me." I didn't think he'd accept so I didn't exactly know how to word it. "Um. So I like two guys: Alex and Christofer." Gritzo cut in. "Christofer's the one that Oath's got, eh?" I nodded and then continued. "I like both of them a lot. I might like them more than a lot, and I don't know what to do about it. One of them has been there for me ever since, protecting me, sacrificing so much. And then the other one...well, he showed up and I started liking him from the very beginning. What should I do?" April's body twitched and then she settled down once again into stone. "I can't tell you who to pick, hon. But here's what I can do: I can give you a potion. One time use only, of course. It's called Nostalgia. Mortals think it's just an emotional part of their brain, but they've probably just been spiked with some of this stuff. It works different on magical beings though." I stopped Gritzo mid-sentence. "But I'm not a magical being anymore."
  11. "Just because you don't have powers doesn't mean you're not magical. As long as you were conceived like one of us, you are like one of us. Besides, you wouldn't be here in the Core if you weren't." Gritzo went behind the counter. I could hear glass clinking together and things being ransacked. A minute later he stood up holding a perfume bottle. Inside the bottle was a beautiful red liquid. "Nostalgia," Gritzo started, "is quite popular amongst the humans. We bargain off of them so much that it has become rare in the Core. Meaning this, I can't just give it to you for free. I'll need something in return." Of course. Goblins never give anything unless they get something back. "What do you want?" Gritzo stroked his slimy green skin. "We'll discuss matters later. We have some company."

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