Basic Psycology

This quiz is for my basic Psychology class and is probably fraught with numerous spelling issues but I needed to make it for tomorrow so it's no big deal but it is a necessary evil as they say

If you really want to take a psychology test that will challenge anyone at the age of 7 then go ahead but I really don't care about this one. So take it or don't it doesn�t matter to me

Created by: Auston

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  1. Who was credited with coming up with the steps of child development?
  2. What connects the two hemispheres in the brain?
  3. A child acts out and receives a spanking from his parents. The spanking is a form of what?
  4. The parents involved in the question I just asked the other team later explain to the child why he was punished. This means the parents display which form of parenting?
  5. What type of observation is the following set up: Children with candy are often found to be more hyperactive than children without candy.
  6. In the last question we looked a type of set up. What would the set up need to be considered an experiment?
  7. What is it called when an animal or person is trained to associate a certain stimulus with a certain response?
  8. In the last question we talked about conditioning. In conditioning what is the conditioned stimulus called before the animal has been trained to associate it with the desired response?
  9. What environmental factor is most responsible for a child's eventual personality?
  10. Which of the following would fit into the nature side of the Nature vs. Nurture debate about whether a child's eventual personality depends on his/her inherited traits or the traits of those around him/her?

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