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Avatar is quite simple but sometimes you must look at it carefully to know what happens this quize will be easy for ones who look at the episodes of avatar carefully and understand it.

Do you think you can pass this quize ? I think you will if you watch the episodes of avatar because this quize is easy for professionals so if you are a professional at avatar I think you are going to be good at this quize.

Created by: Weiss of avatar and avatar information
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1. Why didn't Aang stop the fire nations a hundred years ago ?
he was stuck in an ice berg
he was too weak
he did not want to
he liked the fire nations
he was a fire bender himself
he died
2. who are/is the masters of fire ?
Run and Shaw
3. What are/is the fire masters ?
none of these
4. Who is Zuko ?
The fire prince that does not become the firelord
the fire prince that becomes the firelord
A water bender
An air bender
a weak fire bender
an earth bender
5. Is Toph blind ?
Only in the dark
Only in the light
Only in a desert
only on grass
6. If you chose Yes for the qustion that says is Toph blind then how can she know were she is going ?
She feels the vibration of the ground
She does not know were she is going
She can breath and know what is happening
She can hear and know what is happeing
She always has someone with her to tell her what is happening
I did not choose yes
7. Who is Azula ?
Zuko's brother and Ozai's daughter
Only Zuko's brother
Only Ozai's daughter
Aang's best friend
Katara's best friends
Toph's best friend
8. Who is Ozai
The fire prince
the fire lord who becomes the pheonics king
just a fire bender
Aaang's father
Katara's father
Zuko's brother
9. Who kills Aang
Run and Shaw
H e dies by a diseas
He does not die
10. Who is Katara ?
The water bender who found Aang in the Ice berg
Just a fire bender
Just an earth bender
just an air bender
The strongest air bender ever
the strongest fire bender ever
11. Who fight the pheonix king ?
Aang alone
Aang and Katara
Aang and toph
Katara and Zuko
Toph and zuko
Azula and Zuko
12. what element does Aang bend ?
13. Does Aang learn all the other elements ?
Only Fire
Only Air
He does not have the power to bend an element
Only Water and Air

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