Are you true chip 'till death?

There are a lot of chip music composers out there, if not too many, now days. Most of them don't even know what a Z80 is... Do you? If so, don't hesitate to take this quiz and show off you brilliance. Everyone knows you're the best, right? Why not rub it in their faces?

Are you true till' death with chip music? Do you know everything about the Commodore 64? Do you want to prove it and make everyone else cry over your brilliance? If so, take this quiz!

Created by: Simon Mattisson of mattisson
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1. The Nintendo Game Boy (dmg-01) is an...
8-bit system
4-bit system
16-bit system
64-bit system
2. Which of these is not a revision of the MOS Technology Sound Interface Device?
3. What is Matthew Simmonds, also known as "4mat", famous for?
He made the first chiptune
He's regarded as the progenitor of Amiga MOD-chip music.
He was the first chiptune artist that appeared on MTV
4. How many sound channels has the Nintendo NES got? (Also known as the Famicom)
5. What type of sounds are the sound channels of the Nintendo NES?
Pulse, Pulse, Saw, Noise, DPCM
Pulse, Saw, Saw, Noise, DPCM
Saw, Saw, Tri, Noise, DPCM
Pulse, Pulse, Tri, Noise, DPCM
6. What is Goto 80?
A famous chiptune-artist
A piece of C64 BASIC
The Game Boy's sound chip
A robot
7. What is a Z80?
A computer
A type of chiptune
A micro processor
8. What would you associate hexadecimal numbers with?
A tracker
Math class
9. What software was considered to be the first tracker?
Noise Tracker
Ultimate Soundtracker
10. How many channels has the Commodore C64's sound chip "SID" got?
11. Which of these are not a C64 tracker?
Rock Monitor
JCH Editor
12. What is an arpeggio?
A chord played as a sequence of notes
A sequence of chords played really fast
13. What is 0F in decimals?
14. Who is Rob Hubbard?
He made the C64
He made the ZX Spectrum
A famous composer
A famous pixel artist
15. Who made nanoloop, and when?
Oliver Wittchow, 1999
Olivia Wittchow, 1991
Oliver Wittchow, 1998
Oliver Witechow, 1997
16. What is Nanoloop?
A tracker
A sequencer
17. What is a ZX Spectrum?
A home computer
A gaming platform
A type of chiptune
An artist
18. What is AY-3-8910?
Micro processor
Sound chip
Chiptune format
BASIC code
19. Who made the ground-breaking "Artificial Intelligence Bomb" NES-tune?
Rob Hubbard
Koji Kondo
20. What is an NSF?
Sound module
A type of tracker
21. What classifies to be a chiptune?
Something made on a vintage video game system
Too much

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