Are you the perfect girlfriend?

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Seallbay said:
Sep 17 '17, 9:59AM

I'm a female and I have a girlfriend. Oh well. I'm just saying that girls don't have to date boys only.

thejenna said:
Jun 13 '17, 4:03PM

I got 65%. I was trying to be really touchy, I guess boys don't like that :/

Party_Panda6621 said:
Apr 28 '17, 11:06AM

Lool we broke up because he treated me like crap on my Birthday!!! YA TO BEING SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!

Party_Panda6621 said:
Apr 12 '17, 4:21PM

I wish I got higher than a 64%. I wish I could be better for him.... should we breakup?? I have mixed feelings... I want the best for him, but he makes me happy.

Haleigh said:
Aug 21 '16, 4:00PM

I'm dating someone abd we are in love but I got a 57%

Angel Cat99 said:
May 4 '16, 10:21AM

What if someone like myself is dating a girl!!!!!!!!

kathniel said:
Apr 12 '16, 9:03PM

i don't have a boyfriend!!!!!

Stevens girl said:
Apr 9 '16, 12:37AM

My boyfriend has more control though and it said that I have more and I need to give him some

taylora foster said:
Mar 21 '16, 7:18PM

how come stupid people actually believe that s--- please

coolmama said:
Feb 19 '16, 11:21AM

Im glad that i am a really good girlfriend I am not controlling thank god!!!!

Tayna said:
Nov 10 '15, 3:13PM

i'm not dating but i have huge crush on this guy and i got an 81%

AbantaZayna said:
Oct 2 '15, 9:31AM

Annebell said:
Jun 27 '15, 3:37PM

I'm dating someone abd we are in love but I got a 57% but everything is going great

xXFuriousKittyXx said:
Jun 9 '15, 3:08PM

95% I am not dating but i have a huge crush on a guy

shauna matthews said:
Jun 1 '15, 4:25AM

i love my boyfriend so much and i would to be with him for every

shauna matthews said:
Jun 1 '15, 4:22AM

iloveshanepowers said:
May 15 '15, 9:49AM

I got 40% but my bf doesn't really even talk to me so I have to be the one to talk to even make a conversation between us. does that mean im boring or he just doesn't know how to talk to me??

Luckygirl said:
May 13 '15, 9:44PM

I got 78%... I am not even dating lol.

Woopkip said:
May 4 '15, 4:38PM

I got 45%. PFFFFFF. I guess that's what I get for being an Ivypool. Woooo Imma single lady.

lily12 said:
Apr 24 '15, 3:02PM

I hate this quiz I answered VERY reasonable answers and I got 60% girlfriend....

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