Are you the one I have been looking for?

Now days, it is hard to find people with my specific ideals, and beliefs. Having the ability to find out how much we are alike and compatible would be a great way to end long relationships that could be very hearth breaking and painful.

Are you my dream girl? Since I was a young kid I knew I wanted to be the husband of a loving wife and have a family of my own someday. Now that I am almost Twenty Four years old I am ready to make my wish come true! But it takes two to tango. Want to dance?

Created by: code5513 of Fightfordiversity
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What is your hair color?
Light Blonde
Dark Blonde
4. What is your height?
Below 5 ft.
5 ft-5.4 ft.
5.5 ft - 5.8 ft
5.9 ft- 5.11 ft
Above 6ft
5. What are your thoughts on kids?
No thanks
Want some!
Want a lot!
Want as many as we can support and properly raise
6. What is a good weekend for you?
Out and about on Sat, BBQ on Sunday and a movie.
Stay indoors and relax
Spend time with girlfriends, you go be with your boyfriends.
Social on Saturday all friends go to the park, you and me on Sunday
Go shopping
Some 1 on 1 time, mixed with time apart, doing what I want.
7. Do you give back rubs?
hell no
all the time
if you ask nice
if you give me one too
8. Do you get crazy when on the time of the month?
yes, we all do
not really
a little but I do my best to control it
It's my excuse to be a b----, and I use it!
Not at all, girls use it as an excuse, there is no such thing.
9. How do you feel about me having guns in the house?
No way mister
Guns are bad, but if you keep it locked up in the basement.
Sure, why not
I am glad you have guns, take me shooting!
There good for defense
I have a gun already so the more the better!
10. A nice man flirts with me at the store.
I flirt a little but not much
I give him my number
I tell him we have time for a quicky
Cold shoulder
Tell him about my lover and thank him for the interest.
I have eye sex with him but don't say a word
11. I feel like sex and you don't so you
Tell me not now
Lay down and hope it is quick
Get yourself in the mood
Suggest we do something to distract my urge
start acting mean and upset me until I don't want to have sex
break out the KY your always in the mood
12. It's poker night and the guys are over you
Have girls night and have fun with your friends
Play with us
Go shopping
Go to bed early out of boredom
Go on party detial and keep the beers and snacks comming
There's not going to be a poker night in our house!
13. If we are out and a man is bothering you, you...
Tell me to kick is butt
handle it yourself
come to me and let him know to back off
Stay closer to me so he gets the picture
Tell me to talk to him
Let me know so I can deal with it

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