Are you tactical

Do you think you're a great tactician? Well here i'll test your desicion making skills and try throw you off with some odd questions. I've already started.

If you're reading all this you must be looking for some sort of hint. not a bad tactic. I've made some questions based on tactics used in WWII and other great battles, also used common sense. Good luck

Created by: JC

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  1. What formation should a four squad team use?
  2. You need to cross a fast flowing river quick,HOW?
  3. Where do you learn your tactics?
  4. Think about this, it matters. Choose a number.
  5. How good of a tactician do you think you are?
  6. Whats your personality like?
  7. Whats your favourite board game?
  8. Almost there. Do you ever question your decisions?
  9. Do others find you to be a good tactician?
  10. Where can tactics be used?

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Quiz topic: Am I tactical