Are You Shy Or Outgoing

About 20 percent of the world is shy and 80 percent is outgoing. Being shy is being afraid of what others think of you. Being outgoing is being socially confident.

Are you extremely shy, just shy, half shy and half outgoing, just outgoing, or really outgoing? Find out using this short quiz!

Created by: Sherbert211
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3. You slip on some ice while walking to the bus and fall in snow. Everyone is laughing at you. What do you do?
Start crying and sit in the back.
Blush bright red and avoid eye contact.
Fake a laugh and avoid eye contact.
Chuckle a little.
Join in the laughing
Make a joke about your clumsy feet.
4. Your teacher asks you a question. What do you do?
Blush deeply and hide my face.
Look down and mumble an anwser.
Say the anwser.
Say, "What?"
Give a funny anwser.
5. You are giving a presentation in class. What do you do?
Blush and look at my feet.
Talk really fast.
Use hand motions.
Tell some jokes at the beginning.
6. You're at a party. What do you do?
Sit in the corner and watch.
Hang out with people you know.
Get down on the ground and start dancing!
7. Your pencil breaks. Your teacher has none. What do you do?
Don't do anything.
Get out your seat and ask a friend for one clear across the room.
Quietly ask for a pencil to the kid next to you.
Tap the kid next to you and ask for a pencil.
Ask the kid next to you for a pencil.
8. Your teacher asks you to give a five minute presentation.
Beg the teacher not to make you do it.
Get a bit nervous and decline.
Say, "Totally!"
9. Some kids come up to you and start teasing you.
Look down at you feet.
Walk away.
Try to act tough even though you are scared to death.
Ask them to stop.
Throw a punch and start a scene.
10. Someone says that your hair looks nice. You . . .
Walk away.
Nod and walk away.
Say, "Thanks."
Say, "Thanks! Yours too!"
11. A big, tough bully comes up and slaps you.
Cry and run away.
Run away.
Say, "Oww."
Say, "Dude? What was that for?"
Slap him back.
12. Your computer stops working while you are working on a big project. You. . .
Sit and do nothing.
Try to fix it.
Quietly ask your friend for help.
Ask the computer nerd for help.
Ask the teacher for some help.
13. A teacher gives you detention for something that you didn't do. What do you do?
Show up for the detention.
Ask your friends what you did wrong.
Don't show up.
Explain to the teacher that you didn't do it.
Yell at the teacher in front of the class.
14. Music starts playing in your English class during silent reading. It turns out it's coming from your phone. You. . .
Turn it off and act like nothing happened.
Turn bright red and hide behind your book.
Laugh at yourself.
Make a joke and show off your phone.

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