Are you Sasuke, Sakura, or Naruto?

Lots of people wonder who they would be if they were in team 7 of Naruto. Well, take this quiz and find out.Good luck with your results! Please be happy with your results too. It took me a long time to think of the questions (some were quite random).

Are you Sasuke? Sakura? Naruto? After this, you'll find out. Good luck on this quiz and I hope you get who you like (unless you despise them). Also, be truthful! You'll never know the truth unless you tell the truth!

Created by: Cathryn
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3. When you wake up, one of your teamates is crouching over you and staring at your face. What do you do?
Punch them through the wall. They better repair that.
Squeal really loud
Lokk really creeped out and ask what they're doing
4. Turns out they came to ask you to go have ramen with them. You...
say, "Sure! I love Ramen!"
give a cold stare, it's 4:00 AM!
Go back to sleep
5. Let's say you went with them. What size bowl do you order?
6. After you finish eating, your sensei tells you to get your other teammate to go on a mission with you guys. You...
Twitch and say you can do the mission yourself
groan and force the teammate you ate ramen with to come
7. When you get to their house, they're not there and there's a note saying they were taken to the land of waves by some evil Jounin. You...
Scream as loud as you can and get Anbu to get them back
sigh and go retrieve them with your sensei and other teammate
8. So you go rescue them. But your Sensei dies in the process. What is your reaction?
You're shocked, and you stand there while your heart slowly sinks.
Oh sensei! Why didn't I protect you? *Sniff, sniff* You cry a babyish cry.
9. When you get back to the village, your sensei's name is carved on the KIA stone. You cry really loud and someone calls you baby. You...
Kill them
Don't care and cry some more.
Cry more. And think you're soooo unpopular.
10. After the ceremony for your sensei, you're family commits suicide (don't ask me why...). You...
cry like crazy, so many deaths!
never had a family, never will.
WTF? That happened a long time ago (except they were killed).
11. Now you're pissed like crazy cause the people close to you died. You let out your anger by...
Punching trees, I'll pretend they're people.
Screaming at everyone you despise, and be a jerk to everyone else
Killing those who caused this pain to you (too bad you couldn't kill your family, they beat you to the punch lol)
12. Konoha is holding its yearly Genin tournament. You decide to join because...
Sasuke is going! Oh wait... I might have to fight him! AAAAH!!!
I wanna feel superior after all I've just been through
I wanna prove I'm somebody! Somebody important! (me: Wow, that sounds really cheesy)
13. The tournament is cancelled. You're crazy mad because you wanted to beat up some people. So you...
Kill some more...
Attack Naruto!
Run away from Sakura! She's after me! (me: lol)
14. There's this person you have a crush on. You approach them by...
Blushing like crazy and asking them out.
Giving them a surprise hug which is returned by a punch in the face.
What person? What crush?
15. Well, you're walking with the person you like and you hear your favorite song broadcasted on the radio. You feel the urge to dance, but you suck and you don't want to make a fool out of yourself infront of them. You...
Dance anyway, not my problem if they don't like me! Oh wait... it is...
Ask them to dance with you, after all, you can act like fools together.
What song? What person? TELL ME!
16. It's raining blood, you think...
I should probably stay in... :(
17. Some guy punches you. You...
How many times must I do this? Kill them.
Cry and get mad
Punch them back and boast about your achievements
18. You've finally become a Jounin after many hard years. You want to teach a group like...
Neji/Tenten/Rock Lee

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