Are you really my friend?

This a test of friendship. Friends may come and go, but this will let your friends know if you a good friend to keep, or a bad one to say hit the road to. Don't be scared to take this quiz. Trust me when I say it may help you get more friends!

Are you a good friend? Do you want more friends? Want to know if the friends you have know are really your friends or just say they are? Take this quiz and you will never have to ask again if they are really your friends...

Created by: Amber
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Alright first question. If we are planning to get together to do something, what would you have planned for us?
A night on the town!
Come over to my house and watch some movies.
just sit around and talk,
4. Second Question. It's my birthday. What would you give me?
Nothing, All you need is me! :)
A card and some love of course.
What do you like?
It seems like you got everything you need already...
5. 3rd question. If I was sick and wasnt able to come over, what would you do without me?
Come over and visit you.
Sit on the computer, worry about my friend.
Watch tv.
Nothing because it wouldnt be fun without you.
6. I got hurt prety bad and need to get to the hopsital. What would you do to help me?
I would put you in my car and take you myself.
stay with you and wait for the ride.
Say you will be ok and try to help you out anyway I can.
7. I just lost my home due to a fire. What would you do now?
Take you home with me and help you out.
Get you a hotel somewhere.
Say I wish I could help, but I have to go!
8. We both like the same guy, and he likes both us. What do you do now?
You saw him first, so go for it!
Go ahead and take him, I can find someone else.
Hes mine! Back off!
9. I just failed the biggest test of the year. What do you do to cheer me up?
I take you to kings Island.
I help you get ready for the next test.
Your so dumb!
10. We just got into High School and everything is going great until the popluar people show up and want you to go with them. What do u do?
I denie, I would hang with you.
Tell them maybe later.
Go with them! I want to be popular!
Tell you to find a new friend! I found my buddies!
11. My cousin just came into town and shes pretty cute. She wants u to leave me and hang with her. What do you do?
I go with you, you are prettier.
I go with her, she is hot!
12. My computer just broke, you?...
Go ahead and let you use mine.
Find your own!

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