Are you really a YouTuber?

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There are a ton of YouTubers out there. Some are famous, some are known only by friends. Most everyone who has youtube wants to be a youtube star someday. Did you know that Justin Bieber became famous through youtube? (not that I like him)

But the question people wonder is "Am I a true youtuber?" For some people the answer is "Yes, of course!" For other, well, not so much. But luckily for you, I have created this great quiz for you to take to find out!

Created by: Rhiannon of youtube
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you have a YouTube account?
4. Do you post videos on your YouTube account, or just use it to comment, like, and favourite videos?
Like? Comment? Favourite? Wha..?
I just use it for the liking commenting etc
Hell yeah I post videos!
I've posted a few...
I don't have a YouTube account (but I want one)
I don't have YouTube
5. How long have you had your YouTube account?
I don't have one
a week or under
A week to a month
A month to six months
Six months to a year
A year+
6. How often do you go on Youtube?
Every day man!!
I dunno, I'll go on it occasionaly when I get bored so like... a few times a week or so?
I dunno... A few times a month :/
I hardly ever go on it
7. Anyways now onto the fun stuff about famous YouTubers! Yay!
Aw man
don't care
8. Do you know who Fred is?
Heck yeah who doesn't!
I've heard of him
I'm a fan, yeah
Who's Fred?
9. Who is the actual guy that plays Fred?
Fred isn't real??
Justin Bieber
Lucas Cruikshank
I dunno :P
i dont know who fred is
10. What singer/band got famous through YouTube?
One Direction
The Wanted
Justin Bieber
The Jonas Brothers
idk :P
11. Do you know who JennaMarbles is?
Yep I'm a fan :)
I've heard of her before
12. How did JennaMarbles get her name?
Her name is Jenny (nickname Jenna) and she likes marbles
no idea
Her name is Jenna and her dog's name is Marble
I don't even know who JennaMarbles is
13. Do you know who barelypolitical is?
Umm no...
I've heard of them
Yerp I'm a fan :D
14. What is barelypolitical's parody channel called?
They don't have a parody channel, um, hello!
no idea
The key of awesome
i don't know who they are
15. Do you know who VenetianPrincess is?
Yuup I'm a fan
YUS!!! She's my all-time fav - well maybe not but I'm a big fan
I've heard of her
Who's that??
16. What's VenetianPrincess's nickname?
no freaking idea
17. Do you know who joeygraceffa is?
OMG YES!!! I love Joey
ya I'm a fan
I've heard of him
no clue
18. What creature is Joey obsessed with?
cats, duuuh! I mean hello, Nugget?
^^ what's a totoro?
^^ idk
19. Do you know who smosh is?
Yaaa I'm a fan (:
I've heard of them
20. Who are the two guys that created smosh?
Andrew and Isaac
Anthony and Ian
Smosh is two girls umm helloo
No frikkin clue
21. Are you getting bored yet?
Yaa can we get on with the quiz already
No I love talking - er, taking quizzes about - YouTube!!
^^ what they said
No, this is interesting :)
22. do you know who HeyBrittany is?
Yeaaah I'm a HUGE fan!
Yes I'm a fan
I've heard of her, yes
... no
23. What other YouTuber is HeyBrittany's roommate?
24. That's all for now :) bye
yay its over

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