Are You Ready to Leave Home?

Senioritis is common among grade 12 students -- you get to leave highschool AND home next year. One thing you should be concerned about however is if you're really ready to leave home or not.

Are YOU ready to leave home? Can you support yourself without your mom and dad? This quiz will give you an [unprofessional] idea about whether or not you're really ready to be out on your own, my little lamb.

Created by: Rebecca Vedell
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3. You pick up a few extra hours at work and your paycheck is substantially larger than normal. That extra money goes
Towards a night out with your friends -- all of it
Some of it goes away and some goes to something you've wanted for awhile
in the bank, it's extra money, you won't miss it if you don't spend it now
4. You have an assignment due on Monday but this weekend you are supposed to work and go to your friends party -- you have no extra time to do your assignment. You
Apologize to your friend for not being able to come to her party and finish your assignment
Call in sick on Saturday so that you can do the assignment and still go to the party
Skip the class the day it's due and go to work and the party
5. There is a miscommunication and the person who is supposed to work for you doesn't show. When your boss confronts you,
you blame it all on the person who flaked, you're not taking any blame!
get your mom or dad to call and make things right
accept the responsibility and explain to your boss that it won't happen again
6. Your mom can't make it home in time to make dinner and asks you to make dinner for her. In the kitchen you,
know where everything is and there is a lovely meal of porkchops, rice and brocolli on the table when she gets home
have to call your mom every ten minutes but you get it done in the end
have no clue what to do -- let's just hope no one notices the Swiss Chalet containers in the garbage
7. You get pulled over by a police officer because
you were driving wildly from lane to lane with your friend hanging out of the sunroof
You missed that stop sign, oops
they're doing a random seatbelt check and you've got yours on!
8. Your dad asks you to clean the bathroom if you get a chance. You have no homework tonight you
say "sure" but then spend the whole night on the couch watching Family Guy re-runs
do it right away, you may as well get it over with
say you'll do it and then forget until he calls to say he's on the way home, and you rush to finish
9. Your desk is
covered in garbage and junk -- it doesn't really serve as a desk it's more of a garbage can
very organized, you even have file folders!
a little messy but you know where everything is
10. You have no clean underwear you
get your mom to take you to Wal Mart, washing them would take effort
have a little laundry to do, but it's okay you have an emergency pair
find the cleanest and wear those until you get a chance to do some laundry
11. Your mom
is your laundry companion, you spend time together when you're both doing your own laundry
is your laundry fairy -- your clothes magically appear clean and folded in your dresser drawers
occasionally will do your laundry for you if you don't have the time
12. Your bank account
is seperated into two accounts, a savings and a checking and every month 10% of your income goes into savings
balance goes up and down, but mostly up
has a balance of $0.30

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