Are you popular (New and improved)

There is many people in the world,however,in school everyone is fighting for the place to be at the top spot.The popular person.So do you think you are the person that will top the charts?

Are YOU popular?Do you really think so? Find out with this very short quiz that will tell in you popular you are and what you might avoid,or try to do.:D

Created by: Kate
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1. How many times a day does your phone ring?
Like about every other minute.I can't get of it!
About every 30 minutes or something like that.
2 Times a day.
Once each day or none.
No-one ever calls me or sends a text message.
2. When you step into school what happens?
No-one sees me.
Some of my mates come to talk to me.
Everyone stares at me,and then they come and beg me to talk with them!
I come up to my best friend.
3. Do you care about how you look for school.
It's just school not a fashion show! Get over it.
Yes! I have to look good everyday,otherwise I will be a loser.Anyway that's what I think. :D
I just come in my everyday clothes,it's only school.
4. There is a big party at school,but it's today,and you're not ready.What do you do?
Go home and look for some cool clothes to wear.
Don't come to the party.
PANIC! What will I wear?!
Just get changed into some fancy clothes and go.No need to panic.:D
5. At the school disco,there is a girl/boy with the same clothes like you. You see them and...
Laugh it of!
Come up to them and say ''Hey,nice clothes'' Then both of you laugh out loud.
You think it's really cool,and make friends with the person.
OH NO! How embbarising! I have to kick that person out.*Faints*
6. Do you put make-up on for school?If you're a boy,do you put hair gel on and make yourself look cool?
YES must have make-up!/Hair gel and man perfume! MUST HAVE.
I only put a bit of make-up from time to time./Sometimes some man perfume on,that's it.
I'm not allowed make-up/Hair gel in school!
I just look normal.
I'm a natrual beauty
7. How many friends do you have?
20-30 Okay...
30-40 WOW!
40+ WHAT?!
8. How is your mood for most of the day?
I feel like a queen!
Chilled out.
Calm and happy.
Drama here,drama there.It's everyware!
9. What would be your favorite thing to do,when chilling out?
Hang out with my friends.
Go shopping.
Go to a sleepover.
Play on Playstation and stuff like that.
Go to a restraunt.
10. Who would you like to be when you're older? Or who you already are.
I'm /I would like to be a hair dresser.
I'm/I would like to be a mechanic.
I'm/I would like to be a vet.
I'm/I would like to be a shop keeper.
I'm/I would like to be famous.
Other jobs
11. What are you best at?
Painting and drawing.
Building things.
Singing or playing an instrument.
Desighing clothes.
12. If you won any competitions what was it for?
I didn't win any.
Best mechanic.
Best clothes desighner
Best at art.
13. Who are you known as in school?
The best drawer.
The best singer.
Super builder.
Great instrument player
14. Is this the last question?
I don't know.

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