Are you open-minded?

Some people are more open-minded than they might think, and then again, some of them are less. An open-minded person is someone who is willing to try new things, doesn't judge people on who they are, even if other people think they aren't cool and are a nerd. How open-minded or narrow-minded are you?

Are you the epitome of tolerance and understanding, or a little more cautious in giving your approval? Do you welcome other opinions with open arms, or do you think you've got it all pretty much sussed already? Are YOU open-minded? Take this quiz and find out.

Created by: Sonali
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3. A new girl, with really alternative dress sense, starts at your school. You know she's going to get noticed, and maybe not in a good way. At lunchtime, do you...
...join in the gossiping about her? Well, she should try to fit in a bit better, shouldn't she?
...invite her to join you? You wanna know where she got her funky trousers.
...give her a smile across the canteen, but go back to your fish and chips?
4. Your parents are taking you out for the evening. You fancy the movies, but they suggest the theatre. How do you react?
Figure it could be pretty cool to watch a play. You like having different interests, and it'll make your parents happy.
With horror. It's obviously part of an evil plan to make you more cultured. You shouldn't have to do things you don't want to.
Arrange to see the movies with your friends another day. You're really not into the whole drama thing, but hey, it's a free night out.
5. You're on a first date with a boy you really like. He's taken you out to a really swish restaurant - and has ordered you a dish you wouldn't usually consider eating. What would you do?
You make it clear to your date that you're not really keen, but you're willing to try something new to flatter his tastes. You take a deep breath - 1 mouthful can't hurt.
Eww! No matter how much you want to impress your date with your sophisticated tastes, this is too much. Tell him outright that there is no way you would EVER eat something like that.
You dig right in, no question. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? In fact, you discover you really like it and order seconds.
6. A boy who lives in your street asks you on a date. He's friendly and funny, but everyone knows he has a nerdy coin collection. What do you do?
You're worried that people will call you a nerd too, so you decide to say no, thanks.
He may not be your usual type, but it's probably worth going on 1 date at least.
You think he's cool to have a hobby, even if it isn't something you're interested in.
7. Your best friend wants you to go and see a new band with her, but their music is really not your scene. Do you...
...go along, but suspect you'll be checking your watch every 5 minutes?
...decide to go and enjoy it? You might even love them and end up buying a T-shirt on your way out.
...tell her no way? Suggest she takes someone else who's into that kinda thing.
8. You feel like a complete change of image. Do you...
...paint your nails an unusual colour?
...put on an outfit you would never usually wear?
...dye your hair purple?
9. Your on a school trip to Paris. How do you and your friends spend your spare time?
Chilling out in each other's hotel rooms. If you do venture out your French teacher can translate for you.
You persuade your teacher and friends to hit the shops with you. After all, this is Paris, and the clothes are to die for.
You visit a different attraction everyday and make sure you're armed with your phrase book so you can try talking to the people you meet.
10. Your forced to work on a school project with a girl who is your complete opposite. What do you do?
Make an effort to see what the 2 of you have in common. At least no one can say you didn't try.
Try to complete the project mega-quick, even if you spoil your grade by doing so.
Beg your teacher to let you swap partners. You can't stand the thought of working with her.
11. Your granny wants you to meet her neighbours at their weekly coffee morning. Do you...
...go along, but leave before they all start talking about when they were young?
...turn up and enjoy mixing with different people? As the youngest there, you're the star of the show.
...tell her you have an emergency appointment to the dentist?
12. Your cousin joins a computer club and starts spending lots of time with her new friends. What do you think?
You're not really surprised. Her side of the family was always into nerdy hobbies.
You telephone her immediately to ask when the next meeting is. It's about time you joined the 21 century.
You're glad there's someone close by who can help you out when your printer packs up.

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