Are you obsessed?

Have you heard of stalkers? Yeah, well stalkers are people who are obsessed with someone. Are you obsessed with anyone? Maybe your crush, or bf/gf. I dont know, do you even know if your obsessed? Find out here! it only takes a few minuets to change your life around!

Do you have a crush on anyone? Yes? No? Not sure? Well are you obsessed? Do you know? I bet you dont even know if you are! But who knows, huh? What if your crush thinks your obsessed with them? Why dont you find out if your really obsessed or not! Take the "Are you obsessed" quiz now to find out if your obsessed with anyone!

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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you find your self always attempting to hang with your crush, but they never want to?
Yes, all the time.
No, i dont do that!
No, because my crush always wants to hang.
They sometimes want to hang out when i do that.
4. (Honestly)Do you ever change your opinions on things just for your crush?
Yes i do, i love them.
No way, im me.
If i need to then i will.
No because i know they will change themselfs for me :)
5. How many times a day do you email, call, txt, myspace message or comment them a week?
0 they usually contact me first.
Maybe a few times, unless the contact me first.
i cant keep
Usually never. So zero??
6. Does your crush ever flirt with you?
Yeah, i guess they do.
No! but i wish they did!
Yes, but its usuallt because i flirt 1st. :)
Not really, but they talk to me.
7. You and your fam are going to disney world next weekend, but its the same weekend as prom! Your crush asks you to go with them, you...
Cancel your fam trip, go with your crush.
You would go with them, but you have to go on the trip, so you tell your crush sorry, but we can hang out when i get back.
Say no, family first.
Tell your crush about your trip, and your crush says there not going to prom then, and wants to hang when you get back.
8. your sick and tired on a friday night and your crush is throwing a party, you...
Go to their party and get your crush drunk.
You got no other plans, you go to chill with your crush.
Im too sick ill stay home.
They invited me to go, i cant turn them down.
9. Your best friend wants to hang out at your house. But your other friends are going to the movies and your crush is there. What do you do?
My bestie comes first, ill chill with them!
Tell my bestie we should go to the movies instead, then ill try to sit by mu crush :)
Ditch my bestie, they'll understand.
My crush invited me to go with him, ill tell my bestie she can go too!
10. You already hate school, then you find out your crush is out sick for a week.
Oh well, my crush is sick.
Oh no! My crush probably wants me to go to their house to see if their okay.
No point in school then.
They'll probably still want to chill outside of school.
11. Does your cruch usually txt or call you back?
Not most of the time. But oh well.
Yes! of course they do!
only if its important.
I wish they did!!
12. What ould you do if your crush transfered schools?
Nothing, we would still chill.
Tranfer with them! duh!
Find a new crush.
Oh well, we never even talked that much.
13. On your myspace, your crush is what number on your top?
somewhere close to the top!! Even though im not on their top :(
The first guy on my top friends!
what ever number i am on my crushes top friends list.
There not my friend or not on my top.
neither me or my crush have a myspace.
14. Whats your crushes favorite music?
I think they like mostly all music.
15. What does your crush usually do on saturday nights?
Chills at home.
Goes to sleep early so they can go to church in the morn.
I have no idea.
16. Do you know your crudhes mittle name?
17. Do you think your obsessed? (If you lied in any of the past answers than you are obsessed!)lol
Uhm, just a little bit.
No, im not obsessed.
Sort of? but they love me so it doesnt matter :)
Yes i admitt it, IM OBSESSED!lol

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