Are you nice or mean?

Many people wonder if they are nice or mean. Your friends might say you are nice, but you can never be too sure. They may just be saying that to be nice, you know.

Are you nice or mean? Well, you'll never know until now, when you take this quiz. It will only take a few minutes. I hope that you will enjoy my quiz!

Created by: Rebekahh27
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3. You see a man fall down on the sidewalk while you're taking a walk. You...
Stop immediately, ask if they are okay, help them up, and if he is really hurt, take them to the hospital.
Stop, help them up, and continue your walk.
Keep walking, but then finally help them up because you would feel guilty if you kept walking.
Keep walking. They probably just got a little scrape.
Stare at them and laugh. Then, continue your walk.
4. Your mom just asked you to wash the dishes. But you hate washing the dishes! You...
Realize that they do a lot in this house and immediately do it.
Wait a minute, and then decide to do it.
Groan, but when your mom threatens to punish you, you do it.
Groan and whine, and just end up not doing it and hope that your mom will forget.
Say "You can do it, Mom. You have hands too!" and up getting in trouble.
5. You're at a party and while you're dancing, somebody hits you with their elbow. You say...
"Oh sorry! My bad!"
"Oh sorry!"
"Watch it!"
"Watch it, Jerk!"
6. You're in line at McDonalds to order your food. All of a sudden, a man just cuts in line and goes in front of you. You...
Do nothing. You can wait.
Do nothing, but are a little annoyed.
Clear your throat to give him a hint that you're annoyed.
Say, "You can't cut in line." And go in front of him.
Say, "What the heck! Move it!" And go in front of him.
7. Your friends are fighting while you are all hanging out together. You...
Break it up calmly and talk together about it. You care a lot about your friends and hate to see them fight.
Break it up.
Sit quietly while they fight and hope that it blows over.
Say, "Stop! Whatever you are fighting about isn't worth fighting about!"
Say, "Shut up! I can't hear myself think!"
8. Your boyfriend/girlfriend just dumped you over a text. You...
Answer politely, "I agree. I don't think this should last any more."
Answer nicely, but are a little annoyed that they didn't do it in person.
Answer with a little bit of attitude, but not too harshly.
Answer really harshly, and block them.
Don't even answer. You just block them and give them dirty looks when you see them.
9. Oh no! You just spilled your drink. You...
Clean it up by yourself without getting angry.
Clean it up by yourself, but get a little mad.
Ask somebody to help you clean it up.
Ask somebody to clean it up while you watch TV.
Tell somebody to clean it up and blackmail them until they do it.
10. You just finished your school science project that took you days to finish. All of a sudden, your brother spills his Pepsi on it. You say...
"It's ok! I can make another one! I just need some markers and paper..."
"Well, I'll guess I'll just have to make another one!"
"Oh no! I guess I could try to fix it..."
"What the heck! Watch where you're going! Geez! Now you better help me clean this up!"
"WHAT THE HECK! You are doing my project to make up for this!"
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12. Did you like my quiz?
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Yup! It was good! :)
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