Are You Gooder at Grammar?

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DarknessAndLight said:
Feb 11 '17, 10:03PM


hipdo said:
Oct 25 '15, 8:31AM

100% and I'm not a native speaker!!!

games543 said:
Oct 21 '15, 7:34PM

My native language is Portuguese and my English grammar is 100%..;)

Sep 3 '15, 1:34PM

*More clean! Just seeing if you were paying attention!

Sep 3 '15, 1:33PM

I liked the quiz over all but maybe you could be a tad cleaner with the answers instead of having the punctuation so close, it confused me a bit. I don't like it when people spell or say things wrong, it's just plain annoying. I also love writing! 9/10 * GREAT!

Master Fisher said:
Jul 22 '15, 1:38PM

I am ten years old and I live in the Czech Republic.I am really good at english

Bastille said:
Jun 29 '15, 2:50PM

100%. It kind of makes me sad that this stuff isn't common knowledge though...

Shana_Yagami said:
May 20 '15, 2:03PM

Got 94% still can't find what have done wrong! Urgh...

begg18 said:
Apr 20 '15, 7:10PM

hey i got 38% odd huh hello people tommorow i get ice cream and a new vocab book yay me i get a a in vocab and i also get a pet shirmp tommorow cool huh

AriPatari said:
Mar 16 '15, 12:20AM

100% wooh

Mysterious Cat said:
Feb 28 '15, 2:19PM


rhimicha said:
Jan 31 '15, 9:45AM

I got 100% because this is my favorite stuff right here. It is so simple. Some people just don't put in the effort anymore. Good quiz.

BStreet said:
Jan 19 '15, 4:28PM

What one did I get wrong? My grammar is perfect....

Lizzzy said:
Jan 19 '15, 4:23PM

100%! There should have been a question about whether something is 'there's' or 'there are' and a question about whether the answer is 'me and Max', 'Max and me' or 'Max and I'. ;)

HexSnitch8872 said:
Dec 6 '14, 5:24PM

Too easy. 100%. Just to let you know, grammar does not include punctuation.

TheLoveOfBands said:
Dec 6 '14, 10:46AM


harrys babe said:
Oct 21 '14, 11:27AM

86 percent

Guy called Girl said:
Aug 29 '14, 8:21AM


Vira Dash said:
Mar 5 '14, 1:41AM

100%. Thanks but it was way too elementary for me ...

thestralblade said:
Jan 19 '14, 10:06AM

Pretty good quiz. Did you get the idea for it from my "How good is your grammar?" that I just made.

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