are you dead yet

do you want to see if you are dead yet,have some fun,or just see my bad spelling. you never know you might just be a ghost. if you are a ghost feel sorry for you as you have no freinds and are verry lonly

are you dead yet do you wont to know well take my test and see if you are still breathing you never now if you are dead or not but if a person says that your dead then they just want to kill you and that you are not dead yet

Created by: ben
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1. can you feel aeything
2. are you in a welrd of clowds
i'm on erth
hevan? i'm in hell
3. are you in a wooden box in the ground
i got cromated
4. have you seen god
in a dreen
on tv
in a film we saw in RE
5. when was the last time you were ill
i've never been ill
not that long ago
6. do you now if you are dead
i'm dead i'm just doing the test for fun
i'm not dead
7. can you see elvis presle
8. is everything perfet
9. are you smart and popular
i wish
no :(
10. do you go to school
i'm home tutered
yes, unlike you you carn't spell
no :)

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