Are you country?

There are many people in this world that like to pretend that they are something that they are not. However there is one thing that you can not fake, and that's being country. When someone is country, it shows, and it can not be hidden.

Do you often get called country, but you don't believe it? Are you always surrounded by other country people so it's hard to determine your countriness? In just a few minutes, you will know just how "COUNTRY" you are.

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1. Your idea of good eating is
a salad with no dressing and an Evian
Fried chicken, yams, collard greens, mac and cheese, and a cup of Kool-aid
a Domino's Pizza
Food is really bad for you!
2. When you visit relatives or interact with people up North, do they often laugh at the way you talk, or don't understand a word you say?
3. What does this mean? "I'm finna go round the corna and holla at my Nana."
I'm about to go around the corner, and talk with my grandmother.
I'm about to go around the corner and yell at my grandmother.
I'm gonna go around the corner and start a fight with my nana!
I have no idea!
4. What does the term "finna" indicate?
a dorsel fin
Fixing to, or about to do something
I'm not that country, and I have no idea what that means!
5. When you refer to your significant other, what do you say?
Boy or Girl
Bae, or Shawty
Darling, or Honey Bunches
Snickerdoodle, or cupcake
6. When you say water, which does it sound more like?
7. When you interact with someone other than another Southerner, do they ask you what part of the south you are from?
Yep, never fails.
Of course not, I blend in.
What's a Southerner?
8. What do you call the lady in your neighborhood that sells all the snacks, and goodies from her house?
The store
the candy lady
Everyone calls her big mama
I don't have a lady like that in my neighborhood.
9. When getting yelled at by your mother, or grandmother, what does she say after EVERY sentence?
Do you understand?
I don't get yelled at.
10. What do old southerners believe cures a common cold in 24-48hrs.?
Children's Moltrin
Gin and Honey
11. What desserts do you usually find at a Southern family gathering?
Apple, Cherry, and Peanut Butter Pie
None, southerners aren't too fond of sweets.
Peach Cobbler with ice cream, Red Velvet cake, and Sweet Potatoe Pie
Protein Milkshakes

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