Are you an old fart?

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Laurenxp said:
Nov 14 '16, 6:43PM

I just took this quiz again because its hilarious and got a 15% now xD

Laurenxp said:
Sep 27 '16, 7:12PM

58% lmaoooooo

The best tomboy said:
Apr 30 '14, 8:48PM

49% an old fart. i should get "your a dutch oven!"

DaveC said:
Feb 18 '13, 2:33AM

Horrible word usage. In some questions, no answer fit.

Br0wnies said:
Jan 7 '13, 8:11PM

@Shaymin If you killed yourself, why are you on the computer?

AndyInNewOrleans said:
Dec 10 '11, 11:59PM

4. If you are not a child in school, think back for this question! Your bored in class. What do you do?

This question needs one more option:
"Daydream" - that's definitely what I would do.

1800iluvpopcorn said:
Jun 18 '11, 6:17PM

haha i'm 57% an old fart........yeeaaaa h right.

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