Are you an introvert or extrovert?

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Crimson Red said:
Oct 18 '16, 4:11PM

Extremely Introvert. Lol.

Chrom3 said:
Nov 16 '13, 9:02PM

76% normal, ok, I'm a moderate intrvert like you said, but I'm not even 76% normal! I'm like maybe 25% normal, but I'm so not normal!! *scoffs*haha, just kidding! But I'm still not normal, you can ask anyone.

DarthVader said:
Sep 10 '13, 5:24PM


You are normal, not an introvert or extrovert. You enjoy spending time alone just as much as you do with others. You're probably very happy, since you're never too lonely or dependant on others.

Gave the quiz 10 stars because it's really accurate, I'm right in the middle, all the tests say so :D

Firey_Soul said:
Apr 21 '12, 11:51AM

Your Result: Moderate Introvert

You prefer spending time alone, but still enjoy being with other people from time to time. You're probably more shy than anything, altough there's nothing wrong with a little shyness.

Yeah, that describes me mostly.

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