Are you an emo poser?

There are all sorts of wanna bes and posers. What is a poser? A poser is someone who likes to copy another style of someone else's. They try to be that person. How about you take the test to see if your an emo poser or not a non-emo poser!

Are you an emo? Or just a plain wanna be emo? Do you ever wonder about such things like that? Take the quiz to find out if your a poser or not of emoness...

Created by: Aly
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. ...Skinny Jeans?
they match with everything
i love wearing them
they make me look more emo
they're so tight i wanna vomit
i tighten them to make myself more emoish
thats so emo
4. Do you wear black nailpoilsh?
only for halloween
yeh!! that makes me more like an emo
yea its cool
no too emo
not ALL emos wear black nail poilsh
5. What type of music do u listen to?
all types babyy! i love music
i hate music MF!
hilly billy music!! yeeeea!
trance, dance, pop, alternative
rock, alternative, hardcore
anything thats emo screamo.
6. has anyone called you an emo person?
yess they did!! i was glad, im becoming more emo!
yeah it got me pissed off so i started to cut my wrists more
yeah 1-3 times
they called me a poser >:[
yes. i bit there head off
7. What do you do in ur free time?
hang with friends, watch tv, computer, or read sumtimes normal things
dye hair, re-paint nails black, go to concerts, moshh!!!!!
make-out!! and sexxxxx!
i live on streets
rob a bank, steal stuff from stores
write suicide notes and think about killing myself before i go to sleep
8. what do you think about Alesana?
whats that?
totally screamo emo. i like it
makes me wanna cut my wrists more
bestt band eveer!! i love their music
they are okay
bleh. panic at the disco are better than them
9. okay this is the first quiz i made. how did i do?
eh, could of been better.
it was cool...
totally emo
it was alright
10. Your hair?
umm... i have side bangs, cover half of my eye and forehead
mohawk, spiky
which hair are u talking about?
im bald >:|
u know,... the usual emo type of hair
straight or curly or wavy
11. Do you know who Alex Evans is?
yess hes emo hot babyy!
yeaa hes really cute
nope. who is he?
if he looks emoish then i would think hes hott
yea but theres more attrative guys
bleh hes okay
12. Pick one of the following from these songs...
Tilting the Hourglass- Alesana
Nine in the afternoon- panic at the disco
Lollipop- lil wayne
Prayer of a refugee- rise against
planning a prison break- the reciving end of sirens
the emo song

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