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  • This test doesn't ask the right questions! Only 31%
    Everyone I know including my grown up Kids think I'm eccentric. In the 80's i wished it was 60's and now I wish it was the 30's! I know i'm off kilter - I'm always right!!

    Bristol Blue Dec 13 '15, 3:45AM
  • I thought I was Eccentric(?)!

    I' m disappointed!

    Yo ur test is, "Wrong" - I'll tell you what questions ask.

    Call me, I'm listed.

    Sincerel y,
    The Pretend Eccentric

    kpauler Nov 2 '15, 4:43AM
  • I rate 62% eccentric, which frankly I think is dreadful! I wonder if it's because I'm female and like science. It says there are not too many people with whom I get along - most people say I get along well with nearly everyone. Frankly, I think it's an insult to be called 'eccentric' - I'd rather people said I didn't think for myself! I wish I could find out what is considered to be eccentric so that I could kill it all off! It's simply not socially acceptable to be an individual!

    Miffle Mar 15 '15, 7:24PM
  • old soul and proud, my score was 31%, but I know I'm at least 90%. I never fit in. Can't wait for the time machine. I want to be first.

    old soul Feb 22 '15, 10:32AM
  • I guess whichever off-world species I belong to, its one that's managed to pass for earth humans reasonably well... o.O

    pinkfluffyrobot Nov 22 '14, 6:57AM
  • Ehh.. 42% eccentric. Quite disappointed actually. :

    ieclipse Apr 29 '14, 8:34AM
  • 55%! I'm in Ravenclaw, and one of the 2 main qualities of a student in Ravenclaw are eccentricity;) Proud!

    BladeLeviosa8814 Dec 29 '12, 7:38PM

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