Are you an Arashi fan?

Arashi is a great jpop group that alot of people know about. Being an Arashi fan is great a thing, and learning new things about Arashi is really fun. Will you be able to answer basic questions about Arashi?

Do you know the basics about Arashi? Can you call yourself a true Arashi fan? This quiz will have basic questions that anybody who heard of Arashi can answer eaisly. In a few minutes you will find out if your an Arashi fan.

Created by: Gina

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  1. Who's Arashi's leader?
  2. Which member was in Letters from Iwo Jima?
  3. Who drew a picture of Nino half dog/half Nino
  4. What song was the opening for Hana Yori Dango season 1?
  5. Which member was in Hana Yori Dango?
  6. Nino's birthday is when?
  7. Who is a newscaster on News Zero?
  8. Who was in Stand Up!!
  9. What is Arashi first single?
  10. Who is the Youngest member in Arashi?

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Quiz topic: Am I an Arashi fan?