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  • i litterally got 99% i fricking love anime/manga anything! NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

    aswesaa May 3 '16, 8:53PM
  • I got 3% anime, haha!!!

    leafpool1972 Feb 29 '16, 10:04PM

    animefairy18 Jan 3 '16, 2:44PM
  • You are 46% Anime/Manga person!


    There is an small manga or anime person in you! Try finding more series you like and you'll soon be an all out manga or anime freak.

    WizardJenni Dec 2 '15, 9:25AM
  • I got 62 percent, and I very rarely watch Anime.

    Random101 Nov 29 '15, 12:16PM
  • I totally think I should've gotten more than 89%. I love anime and manga. Kuso all you bakas!!!!!

    Yuichiro Jul 19 '15, 9:11PM
  • Everyone on this quiz who is not posting chains is a total weeb. I got 51% and I can say that this is totally inaccurate. This is a WEEABOO quiz, and everyone who got a high score is a weeaboo.

    burumargo Jul 17 '15, 3:13PM
  • I got 39% but I prefer to not go full weeaboo like you have.

    burumargo Apr 25 '15, 7:57PM
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    cupcakelover1 Apr 9 '15, 9:38PM
  • I am an Otaku but I prefer to be a REAL Otaku, instead of going full weeaboo like you have.

    burumargo Mar 29 '15, 7:23PM
  • 58%... WTH!!!

    Hailpool Feb 20 '15, 1:51PM
  • Complete BS! Apparently I'm 50% anime/manga when I've been watching anime since the age of 4!! Just cause I don't act like those wannabe weaboos chatting in broken Japanese 24/7 (because I'm proud of my home country btw!) doesn't mean that I don't appreciate anime and manga!

    GrrrrNooo Jan 7 '15, 9:15PM

    CUTIE SPICE Oct 20 '14, 9:12PM
  • Omg, i seriously got 100%! Its totally true. If anybody doesnt beleive me, well, ur a baka

    Sakikirato Oct 12 '14, 1:07AM
  • hai, sugoi!

    fairypaw Sep 20 '14, 7:58AM
  • Got a hundred :3 Sugoi deshu wo~

    InfiniteLove Jul 16 '14, 7:54PM
  • You are 78% Anime/Manga person!

    You are an anime/mange lover and you read/watch loads of different series! You have some favourite charcters that you can easily find yourself in or just have an reason to like.

    Pretty darn accurate :D Some spelling mistakes though, and according to the other quiz takers, they ain't to impressed with the scoring guide!

    StormSong Jul 2 '14, 7:09PM
  • i watch animax

    TsunaTheKid Jun 28 '14, 2:43AM
  • i like anime but in that im not fan

    TsunaTheKid Jun 28 '14, 2:42AM
  • I retook the quiz but I didnt say the truth.
    I got a 85

    Realanimelover Jun 25 '14, 6:47AM
  • I got a 47.
    Is that even possible?
    i LOVE anime.
    I dont get it
    I'm retaking this quiz

    Realanimelover Jun 25 '14, 6:45AM
  • BAH this thing says I only like 2 anime and manga series. Ah, not very accurate, eh? XD I like around 35 now. Not much compared to some otakus, but that does not match what this quiz says. :3

    XmissXepicX Jun 24 '14, 8:54PM

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