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Are you All american? Do you even live there? Well, wether you do or not, try the quiz to see how much you know about the red, white and blue. See how all american you are.

Take the quiz to find out how well you would fit in in America. How much you know and stuff. Take the quiz and leave comments too. And you can take it again if you get a bad score.

Created by: Kirsteen111
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1. You are at a football game. Right before it starts what song plays?
"America the Beautiful"
"The Star Spangled Banner"
"Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
Ummm, Idk
2. While you look at the american flag, you see 13 stripes. What do they stand for?
The thirteen original colonies
the number of signatures on the Declaration of Independence
the thirteenth president of the U.S.A
thirteen flavors of icecream?
3. Your gym tacher says you will be practicing the "Great American Pastime" What game are you going to play?
Capture the flag
4. What is One of the most recently added state (the one added most recently)to the U.S.
New York
5. What religion was the U.S.A founded on?
6. You go on a trip to a well known monument. Mount Rushmore. Which face is not carved in stone?
John F. Kennedy
Theodore Roosevelt
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
7. Which of the below foods was not invented in America?
Ice cream
Hot dogs
French fries
all of the above
8. Thinking way back to the heritage of the U.S.A, which ship or ships brought the pilgrims to America.
The Titanic
The Susan Constant
The Mayflower
9. What was damaged during 9-11?
the Golden Gate Bridge
Hoover Dam
A toy store
Twin towers
None of the above
10. How do you properly despose of an American flag that has been damaged or is old?
Throw it away in the garbage can
Recycle it
Burn it
11. Who is the president of the U.S?
B. Obama
George Washington
A. Hamilton
12. On the American Flag, Red represent valour and hardiness, white stands for purity, and blue stands for loyalty and courage. Is this true?
13. To be president who have to be born where?
Born in Japan
Born is USA or Canada
Born in USA
Born in Mexico
14. What race (or colors of skin and heritage) are in America?
Just white
Just white and mexican
Just hispanic and chinese
All sorts of kinds
15. Lastly, Finish this line, "America is the land of the free and home of the ....'
I DONT CARE!! (shame on you)

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