Are you addicted in video games?

Video games become more and more common this time, because we can play many games using different types. Playstation go through Playstation 3, Nintendo, XBOX 360, and WII now, maybe people want to know if they are addicted to games or not.

The quiz seems like for players addicting to video games, but in truthly, is just for fun. However, if you are really addicted to video games and forget your life, you should be careful!

Created by: Rei
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1. How many hours do you play viedo games a week?
I don't like video games.
18 hours a week.
72 hours a week.
2. How many days do you play a week?
I hate video games.
2 days a week.
7 days a week.
3. Do you enjoy playing video games?
Take video games away and leave me alone!
So so.
4. How do you feel when you play video games?
Damn it!
5. What will you do if you don't play video games?
Shut up!
What shall I do...?Let's play video games.
6. How many hours will you spend in eating, working, sleeping, and playing?
Eating 8 hours; working 8 hours; sleeping 8 hours.
Eating 6 hours; working 6 hours; sleeping 6 hours; playing 6 hours.
Eating 2 hours; working 2 hours; sleeping, playing 20 hours.
7. Do you care aboout games that can release your stress?
No, I don't care. Don't bother me any more.
A little bit.
It is a very serious question, but I agree it.
8. Do you mind the quality of video games?
I don't mind! Get away!!!
Yes, yup, ya. I can't agree you any more.
9. Do you play video games with your partners?
Stop bothering me!!!!!!
It's funny to play games with them. GO!GO!GO!
10. If there are no video games today, what will you do tomorrow?
...O.K. You win, what do you want?
Oh-no!!!!! It is a terminal world!

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